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Uploading Products


After you have logged in, select "Go to My Shop" from the bottom right corner of the page.

 Click on “Products”  




Name: The name of your product.

Description: Describe your product. Make sure your description is complete and accurate to attract more potential buyers. Do not include contact information.

Price:  please input your product’s price in EURO. Pay attention to the placement of the decimal points when entering the amount. Example: 1,000.00 €

Quantity: Specify the available quantities of Your product .

Minimum Order Quantity: Specify what is the minimum order quantity.


Product Categories

Category: Place Your product in the appropriate Category and Sub-category. (Example: Clothes and Accessories - Women - Dresses)


Search Optimization

Tags: Specify a list of coma-separated tags that describe your product best (e.g. shoes, sandals, leather)


Additional Data

Model: Type in the model of your product. This will help with the identifying of the product when ordering it. The model could be made of words, numbers, letters or any combination between them.



Please, specify the weight of the product with packaging and try to be as accurate as possible, as this will determine the price of the delivery shown and charged to customers at checkout.



Here you can add all specific characteristics of your product. Example: Expiry date, Power, Color (if the color is not optional), sizes etc. All specifications you include here are of informative nature and will make your clients’ decision to buy easier.



When filling “Options”, pay attention that for different values of one option you must select “Add Value” and not “Add Option”.

For example you want to specify that your product comes in 3 package sizes – 1 kg, 5 kg. and 10 kg. Then you must select Option “Kilograms” and 3 Values for it – 1kg, 5kg and 10kg. Accordingly you must add or subtract the difference in the prices, if there are any, from the main product.

Let’s assume that the main product package is 5 kg. and it costs 20 EURO (You have specified this in the Product Price Section), 1 kg costs 5 EURO and 10 kg. costs 30 EURO, then you must add 0 EURO for the 5kg, subtract 15 EURO for the 1kg. and add 10 EUR for the 10kg. package. Please look at the screenshot below:


You also need to fill in the available units you have in stock of each option.

Add all possible options that are required for ordering your product. Example: colors, sizes etc.


Special Prices

Here you can add special promotional prices for the product. Make sure you add Start and End Dates. If you have more than one promotion at the same period, you can input the sequence in which they will be applied to the product during the order.

Example:         Promo 1 – from 1 Jan 2018 to 20 Jan 2018

                           Promo 2 – from 5 Jan 2018 to 15 Jan 2018

You can prioritize Promo 2 by putting a “1” in the Priority field. If it is only one special offer, the priority value must always be set to 1. Look at the Screenshot:


Quantity discounts

If you are offering discounts for ordering in bulk, this is the place where you should put your special prices and requirements.

Example: If the quantity, for which you are offering a discount is 100 units, put 100 in the field for quantity and after that put the discounted price per unit. Do not forget to input Start and End date. If you have more than one special offer (including Special Prices) set the priority accordingly. If it is only one offer altogether, the value of the Priority must always be set at 1.



The shipping cost for this product will be calculated as per the shipping methods, specified in your account settings!

If you wish to add different values for the delivery of this specific product, you must add them here. Make sure the information is accurate and detailed for all delivery destinations.




Images are very important for your sales! Please make sure you upload images of high quality and attractive product presentation!

Image formatting allowed are: .png, .jpg and .jpeg

Maximum resolution of the images: 3000px x 3000px.

You may upload your images from your device (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone). Click on   and select the desired files.

After you have completed all required fields, and you have uploaded images of the product, click on the button “SUBMIT” in the lower right corner.

In this manner, Your product is now submitted into our database and is awaiting approval by an administrator. This will happen as soon as possible, and no later than 48 hours.

After approval, you will receive a notification on your email and the Status of the product will turn from “Inactive” to “Active”.