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Uploading Products

Last Update: 13 September 2019


Click on ADD NEW PRODUCT to create a new listing.

Follow the instructions below to fill out the information.
















Product Title: The name of the product must be descriptive and full, include information as synthesized as possible. Max: 255 characters.

Advice: use at least 50 characters. Say what the product is, maybe mention the use for it, and specify colour and other characteristics if suitable. If the product has several options for colour for example, then you could type “various colours” etc.


Product Model: this will allow you to track the products easily in your database. Models can contain letters, numbers and symbols.

The model must be between 4 and 64 characters.


Product Description: Describe the product to the best of your ability.

Include detailed information about materials, sizes, main use of the product. Be descriptive and clear about the features.

The minimum amount of words we advise you to use for description is 150-200 words. Give the customers the information they need to make an informed decision when buying. This will also build trust in your brand and yourself as a seller. It is a logical deduction to think about how the lack of information about a product would negatively affect the decision to buy this product online instead of going to the physical store for a touch-and-see experience. You cannot give this online, but you certainly can try to describe what the customer is getting for their money.


Price: The price, when uploading products, is always in EURO (€).

Both you and the customer can change the currencies later when browsing through the platform. But this is only done for easy conversions.
Use . to indicate the decimal point.

Example: 10.00 eur. (ten euro)// 10,000.00 eur (ten thousand euro).


Units: The available units for selling on Chopni.com.

If you are a manufacturer and the materials for this product are available and you can produce it within the processing time, then put as big of a number as you like. 


Weight: Make sure you type in the weight as accurately as possible as the system takes this weight and calculates which shipping option the customer will be charged with at checkout.

This is the gross weight of your product. It is not visible for the client, it is only used by the system.

You should input the numbers as follows: 10.500 kg. (Ten kilos and a half) à always use point rather than coma in this case.

Commas are used in this case for example 10,000.500kg.  (Ten thousand and a half)


Minimum order: Are there requirements of minimum order for this product?

Example: If you require a minimum order of 3 pieces* of this item, then put it in here. Customers will see the single unit price, but will not be able to order less than 3 pcs*.

(*this is an example only)

If you allow any quantity to be ordered, then leave this field at 1.

You must have more or equal units to sell in total than the minimum order 


Tags: include descriptive tags, for example, wood, living room, massive, modern.

7 tags per product are sufficient. You can repeat tags in multiple products, this will group them and allow customers to find specific types of products by clicking on one tag.

Divide tags by commas.

Tags are not mandatory, however, we strongly recommend you to use this tool.





Primary Category: Select the proper category. You can appoint more than 1 category if needed. 

Subcategory: Select all subcategories until no more drop-down menus pop out on the same line. For one line of categorizing a product, you may have one string of categories.


Additional Categories: You can add as many additional categories for your product as you deem necessary. 





You can upload as many images for one product as you wish.


Images, however, must follow these guidelines:

  • Must be of high quality
  • Must be square images
  • Images that are not square will be automatically edited with white background in the shorter side
  • Must be with minimum dimensions of 500 x 500 pixels
  • Can be with maximum dimensions of 3000 x 3000 pixels
  • Must be with a maximum size of 8 MB
  • All parts of the photo must be on focus
  • If there is a certain detail you wish to emphasize on, take a close up picture of it
  • You should not allow any shadows to be created on the product’s surface
  • The item should be taken picture of with a one-coloured contrasting non-reflecting background behind
  • No contact information or forbidden content must be included in the photos
  • Photos of all sides of the product are strongly advised to have
  • Must be representing the reality of the product (no filters added for digitally enhancing the image and making it different from the real product)
  • Photos should be taken with good lighting for greater details





Specifications have the function to characterize the product: size, colour, material etc.
They are purely informative.

+ Add Specification -> Select the appropriate specification from the drop-down menu. Then complete the relevant information to further describe this feature of the product.



Translate everything you have typed in by far, at the top of the page,
above PRIMARY DETAILS, using the flags and the
AUTO TRANSLATE button for each language respectively.




Filters: use filters to further describe the product and what type it is; new filters may be added accordingly to the products uploaded.

Filters can help people to sort out products within the same category.

For adding non-existing filters, contact support.





Options give customers the chance to select different variations of your product, if available. 

Example: You offer a mattress and the options for size would be: single, queen, king, etc.


+ Add option -> + Add -> Units (from this variation) -> Extra (which is then added to the main price of the product when this variation is selected) -> repeat for all variation of the same option


Variation: This is the different form or version of the same option


Option: colour
Variations: green, red, blue, yellow


Extra: if the price for a specific option value is higher or lower than the main product price, then input the DIFFERENCE in price only.



You are selling a product with different colour options. (variations in option "Colour"). 
The main product price is 100.00 euro (the lowest possible price for the cheapest colour);

  • price for variation "green" is 110.00 euro
    à input extra for "green" 10.00 euro.
  • price for variation "blue" is 200.00 euro
    à input extra for "blue" 100.00 euro.
  • price for variation "red" is 100 euro
    à input extra for "red" 0.00 euro.





This size chart will appear below the selected size options on the product page.

It is meant to ease your customers in finding a suitable size or quantity they desire.


Mandatory for clothes, shoes and other similar products.





+ Add row:


Price: the new reduced price


Start: the discounted price starts at 0:00 on this date.


End: keep in mind that when you put an end date, the system will cease the discounted price at 23:59 on the PREVIOUS day. The discounted price will no longer be valid on the end date itself.





+ Add row:


Units: how many units does a customer have to buy to take advantage of the reduced quantity discount?


Price: the price for a single unit, provided the condition for minimum order is kept


Start: the discounted price starts at 0:00 on this date.


End: keep in mind that when you put an end date, the system will cease the discounted price at 23:59 on the PREVIOUS day. The discounted price will no longer be valid on the end date itself.





• Refer to the Shipping Settings Manual




• Create special settings for the delivery of this product
(By doing this the default settings will be cancelled!) 


Setting up an individual delivery setting for a single product means this product’s delivery will be calculated on its own and will not be affected by the Shipping Details in the Shop Settings.


Shipping from: The origin country from which the product will be sent to the customer.


Processing time: How many days do you need to prepare this product for shipping? This is the preparation time ONLY.


Destination: The country for which this delivery price is valid.


Shipping company: Is it the company’s own transport or an outside company.  Point it out.
If you can’t find the preferred Shipping Company’s name, contact us and we will gladly add it.


Shipping time: How many days does the shipping take to this destination country? This is the shipping time ONLY.


Cost: How much does it cost to send to this country? Can you offer free delivery for the customer for this product only?


Additional item: Would it cost anything extra to send an additional item of the same product in the same parcel, if the customer ordered two or even 3-4-5 etc of it in the same order?



SAVE when you are ready.





Edit the product by using the pencil on the right of the product.


View the product in-store (after activation), by using the magnifying glass on the right of the product.


Unpublish/Publish (temporary) by using the cloud on the right of the product.


Delete the product by using the red bin on the right of the product.