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Flared dress with collar in red

Ladies flared dress with a collar and flared short sleeves in a red pattern with an accent of elasti..

27.69 $ Ex Tax: 27.69 $

Leather skirt with lace

Ladies skirt made of elastic faux leather, in a black right, with a lace accent and a dummy zipper w..

33.41 $ Ex Tax: 33.41 $

High-waisted trousers-type cigarette with a belt

Elegant women's pant-type cigarette, made of allura in light polyester fabric in a black right. The ..

27.69 $ Ex Tax: 27.69 $

Black dress with Lace

Elegant black dress in a straight silhouette and classic length above the knee, V-neck with an accen..

39.07 $ Ex Tax: 39.07 $

Business Denim Dress

Elegant, sleeveless business dress with a wrapover in the bust area and hip bends. Side Pockets with..

39.08 $ Ex Tax: 39.08 $

Stylish womens jacket and trousers

Stylish women's suit in a jacket and trousers in a black pattern with a floral trim accent made of a..

55.38 $ Ex Tax: 55.38 $

Dress with leather panel pipi

Stylish dress in black and white right pipi in combination with a leather panel made of Allura of el..

39.08 $ Ex Tax: 39.08 $

Flared dress with a neckline in lace

Summer ladies short dress made of Allura from a thin, non-elastic fabric in a black right with color..

33.42 $ Ex Tax: 33.42 $

Set of trousers and bodice

Elegant set of trousers and short-sleeved bodice made of allura in a gray-patterned stretch cotton s..

48.13 $ Ex Tax: 48.13 $

Black dress with Lace

Elegant black dress in a straight silhouette and 7/8 sleeve, with an accent of elastic lace. Conceal..

33.41 $ Ex Tax: 33.41 $

Dress with red panel and lace

This elegant sleeveless dress is the perfect choice for your special occasions. The silhouette has a..

33.41 $ Ex Tax: 33.41 $

Stylish dress in black

Stylish black dress with short sleeves and V-neck with a drawstring and a slit in the thigh. Side po..

31.09 $ Ex Tax: 31.09 $

Dress with buttons in black

Ladies dress with short sleeves and collar, made in black right, with a bib with decorative buttons ..

33.34 $ Ex Tax: 33.34 $

Leather skirt trapeze with high waist

Short women's skirt with a high waist, made of allura in a elastic faux leather in a black right. Co..

31.68 $ Ex Tax: 31.68 $

Dress with leather panel

Stylish dress with a leather bezel made of allura in elastic fabric. Sleeveless dress with a straigh..

32.85 $ Ex Tax: 32.85 $

Elegant Tulle Shirt Max -62%

Elegant Tulle Shirt

Elegant ladies shirt in a black right, with a collar and long, spectacular sleeves, a free silhouett..

39.07 $ 14.72 $ Ex Tax: 14.72 $

Stylish Dress Trapeze

Stylish dress with a short sleeve and a trapezoid pattern, with integral elements of elastic jacquar..

39.08 $ Ex Tax: 39.08 $

Stylish dress in black and white right

With its sleek silhouette and knee length, this dress creates a stylish office vision as well as con..

39.08 $ Ex Tax: 39.08 $

Stylish flared dress with lapels

Stylish flared dress in a red right, with lapels and short sleeves with a cuff, with an accent of de..

43.00 $ Ex Tax: 43.00 $


Skirt in stretch denim with a modern design. The model has a low waist and medium length, suitable f..

27.69 $ Ex Tax: 27.69 $

Stylish dress with floral print

This elegant fresh sleeveless dress is made of Allura in an elastic neoprene with a floral print in ..

33.36 $ Ex Tax: 33.36 $

Elegant dress in stretch neoprene

This elegant sleeveless dress combines style and comfort. It is made of Allura from an elastic neopr..

33.42 $ Ex Tax: 33.42 $

Dress with Pantella I

Straight-cut dress in sturdy jersey with short sleeves and a closed neckline with a classic length a..

39.08 $ Ex Tax: 39.08 $

Black dress with luxurious lace

Elegant black dress with luxurious lace of leather flowers. Sleeveless, sleeveless pattern with a co..

37.37 $ Ex Tax: 37.37 $

Ladies set of tunic/dress with brooch and women's double trousers

Code 3263 + 3263 A Blouses and tops with short sleeves and a vest top + women's double trousers/t..

64.23 $ Ex Tax: 64.23 $