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Sonata Buffet, solid reclaimed wood, 60x30x80 cm

This buffet will make a unique addition to your home. Its massive wooden construction makes it a st..

316.07 $ Ex Tax: 316.07 $

Two-door wardrobe with mirror in silver 150/200

Wardrobe made of CHIPBOARD and MDF.   Compact solution for small rooms or as a complement to a..

137.37 $ Ex Tax: 137.37 $

Living room set HALIFAX

The Halifax section is quite bizarre and interesting in a completely modern and contemporary design...

338.41 $ Ex Tax: 338.41 $

Dresser LEO with 4 drawers

Dresser Leo 4 is equipped with 4 drawers to ensure the sense of diligence and orderliness in your ho..

68.13 $ Ex Tax: 68.13 $

Coatstand FINI (TOP SELLER!)

We know that when choosing a patio door for the hall you need the product to have as many functions ..

137.37 $ Ex Tax: 137.37 $

Living room set CITY 9008

City 9008 combines dynamics and fashion in small sizes at an attractive price. It is difficult to co..

141.84 $ Ex Tax: 141.84 $

Coatstand CITY 4000 (TOP SELLER!)

City 4000 is made in a stylish, dark-type cafe with a MDF profile that is used for a handle. This st..

144.07 $ Ex Tax: 144.07 $

Dresser 3012

Dresser 3012 The hide is opened without handles-its diazena is very original. Smooth closing of the..

72.52 $ Ex Tax: 72.52 $

Living room set CITY 6222

City 6222 is a very convenient addition to your living room. It has both open shelves and cabinets. ..

90.46 $ Ex Tax: 90.46 $

Sonata Storage Cabinet, white

This charming cupboard, made of high quality material, features an elegant yet stylish design. It w..

238.98 $ Ex Tax: 238.98 $

Dresser 15

Dresser 15   Colors: Sonoma Dark, walnut, oak Gran Sasso, Wenge 316/Astra Material: CHIPBOARD..

60.53 $ Ex Tax: 60.53 $

Dresser Furniture Bogdan Model 275, with 4 drawers and a loophole

Dresser Furniture Bogdan Model 275, with 4 drawers and a loophole Dresser model 275 with four drawe..

88.51 $ Ex Tax: 88.51 $

Sonata Buffet, MDF, 100x30x50 cm, grey

This buffet, with Scandinavian design and unique feather prints of each drawer, will be a practical..

170.45 $ Ex Tax: 170.45 $

Living room set CITY 9007

Introducing you City 9007 - the perfect addition to a cozy and stylish living room set. Despite its ..

212.20 $ Ex Tax: 212.20 $

Sonata storage cabinet in French style, 5 drawers, wood

Add a touch of rustic charm to your home with this elegant cupboard in a classic French Provencal s..

179.02 $ Ex Tax: 179.02 $

Dresser CIENA

Width: 90cm Height: 80cm Depth: 45cm Glanz: No Material: chipboard Type: With a drawe..

111.69 $ Ex Tax: 111.69 $

Sonata Wooden cupboard with one check, door and 3 baskets, white

The wooden cabinet with one drawer and three baskets made of high quality wood has a simple yet sty..

127.62 $ Ex Tax: 127.62 $

Sonata dresser, Pine wood massif, 140x30x80 cm

Our stylish side cabinet with natural cowhide details and hand-engraved decorations will be a real ..

650.13 $ Ex Tax: 650.13 $

Sonata dresser, CHIPBOARD, 71x35x108 cm, oak

With its practical functionality, the cabinet with drawers will become a perfect addition to your r..

221.85 $ Ex Tax: 221.85 $

Sonata Buffet, MDF, 110x35x57 cm, brown

This Scandinavian-style buffet and unique forest prints on each drawer will be a practical yet extr..

213.28 $ Ex Tax: 213.28 $

Sonata dresser with shelves, Mangovo Wood massif, 120x35x200 cm

This dresser of a mango tree massif with an impressive vintage style will be a decorative and pract..

761.48 $ Ex Tax: 761.48 $

Living room set CITY 9004

Modular set City 9004 is at the same time compact but also quite functional. It has numerous storage..

246.82 $ Ex Tax: 246.82 $

Sonata storage cabinet, 6 textile baskets, cedar wood, beige

This massive cedar wood storage cabinet with 6 separate textile baskets will provide ample space fo..

110.49 $ Ex Tax: 110.49 $

Sonata cabinet from a reclaimed wood array with 3 drawers

This round cupboard of reclaimed wood in an antique style with 3 drawers offers you plenty of stora..

247.55 $ Ex Tax: 247.55 $

Sonata cupboard, Acacia wood massif, 60x35x76 cm, brown

This cabinet of Acacia Wood array will be an impressive addition to your room! It can also be used ..

281.80 $ Ex Tax: 281.80 $