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Shop Settings

Last Updated: 6 July 2019












Fill in:

  • where do you store your produce;
  • the time needed to prepare the orders for shipping;
  • shipping destinations;
  • delivery time

i. These settings will be applied to all products uploaded in your shop unless a product has individual shipping settings. In this case, the default settings will be cancelled for this product only.

1. Follow the instructions for setting up your shipping settings. 

•    Begin with the country of origin (where the product will be sent from) and the maximum days to prepare your order to send.

i. Always keep this time and keep your customers happy.

•    The more destinations you provide - the more potential customers will see your products. 

•    Think of the orders' weight.
To indicate the difference in shipping costs due to different products' weight, add several rows for the same destination but with various weight limits and the costs for each.


For example:

from 0.00 to 1.00 kg --> €3.00 (fixed) + 0.00 (per weight unit), 
from 1.00 to 2.00 kg --> €3.50 (fixed) + 0.00 (per weight unit), 
from 2.00 to 5.00 kg --> €5.00 (fixed) + 0.00 (per weight unit),  and so on


For free shipping select the shipping company with "Free Delivery" and set up the cost at 0.00.

!!!All costs are in EUR!!!


2. There is an alternative way of setting up your shipping settings. It takes one row for one destination.

•    Select a destination and set up wider weight limit for shipping.

Afterwards, fill in the cost for each country:

  • fixed, which is always counted in as a base and
  • per weight unit, which is calculated with respect to the ordered products weight.


For example, 

Shipping Settings:
Destination- Austria
Shipping company - DHL
Shipping time - 2-4 days
Weight (kg) - from 0.00 to 100.00
Cost (fixed + per weight unit*) - € 5.00 + € 2.00 *
- * if needed

Product Specifications:
Products weight: 1 kg.

Customer's Order:
1 pc. (1 х 1 kg. = 1 kg) -> Cost: €5 (fixed) + €2 (per weight unit) = €7 
5 pcs. (5 х 1 kg. = 5 kg) -> Cost: €5 (fixed) + €10 (per weight unit) = €15 
10 pcs. (10 х 1 kg. = 10 kg.) -> Cost: €5 (fixed) + €20 (per weight unit) = €25 
35 pcs. (35 х 1 kg. = 35 kg.) -> Cost: €5 (fixed) + €70 (per weight unit) = €75 



Recommend the best of Your Chopni shop to customers. Choose the two most attractive products and add them to "Recommended". This is a great opportunity to interest visitors who can become Your customers.

Recommended products are visible on the homepage of the site, on the departments' page, and on a separate page dedicated entirely to all recommended products.

All products in the "Recommended" section are displayed at random by default, and customers have the option of additional filtering.

Recommended products must meet basic requirements: quality images, detailed descriptions, precise titles, and proper categorization.

There is no limit to how often you can change your two recommended products. Choose your best products according to season, demand and your promotions.



The main page of your shop is similar to a shop window of any physical store.

You can choose any 6 of your products to display here.

Together with your banner and logo, they will create the overall vision and qualities of your shop.

We recommend selecting your best, most attractive and unique products.

Their purpose is to attract attention and provoke shoppers to continue further into your shop and explore more of your products.



Write brief store policy information, e.g. return and refund policies, product replacement, product returns, custom orders information, etc. Be open and clear in your statements with the customers.



Write here brief information in the form of Questions and Answers - pick the most appropriate and most common questions you get for your products and place your answers here in a friendly manner. Do not forget happy visitors become loyal customers.



This will be the account, where you will receive the funds from all sales on Chopni.com. 

Name of the Recipient - Keep in mind, if You are a company, the bank account's name must be one of the Company or of the Accountable Person
Address of the Recipient - The address of the Company or Your own if You are not a company.
Bank Name - The name of Your Bank, where the bank account is
Bank Address - Your bank's Branch's address, where You normally do Your business
BIC / SWIFT - For more information, ask Your Bank
IBAN - This is Your bank account's number. It should be a combination of numbers and letters. For more information, ask Your Bank.