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Cinderella - necklace and earrings from glass pearls

Set "Cinderella" necklace and earrings from glass beads and beads. We knit a jewelry line with a lot..

22.30 $ Ex Tax: 22.30 $

Set necklace and bracelet - Jet, Nuummite, Herkimer diamond -10%

Set necklace and bracelet - Jet, Nuummite, Herkimer diamond

Love & Life Mystic Merlinite, Labradorite, Sugilite, Herkimer Diamond, Super seven, Moonstone, Snowf..

247.48 $ 222.73 $ Ex Tax: 222.73 $

Necklace and Bracelet made of glass beads

Necklace and Bracelet made of glass beads ..

81.38 $ Ex Tax: 81.38 $

Enraved necklase and earrings of oxidized copper The tree of life

Inspired by the upcoing autumn, this unique design fits the spirit and the colours of nature, this s..

23.41 $ Ex Tax: 23.41 $

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Necklace and Bracelet by Larimar and Silver 925

  Love & Life is boutique jewelry - single pieces are made. When choosing a particular model brac..

256.40 $ Ex Tax: 256.40 $

Bracelet - Tibetan Agate and Steel

Tibetan Agate - 10mm  Steel ..

22.30 $ Ex Tax: 22.30 $

Necklace and bracelet from Rubin in Zoisite

Necklace and bracelet from Rubin in Zoisite Crystal size - 8 mm. Length of the necklace - 60 c..

88.07 $ Ex Tax: 88.07 $

Citrine and bronze set - Necklace bracelet and earrings

Because of its yellow color, citrine is considered a sunny stone. In fatigue and depression, quinine..

113.71 $ Ex Tax: 113.71 $

Author's set of earrings by Tiger eye

The Tiger Eye is one of the oldest charms, mysterious, powerful and revered, an author's set of earr..

44.59 $ Ex Tax: 44.59 $

Necklace and bracelet - Jadeite and steel

In China, Jadeite was so valuable that they said for it, "Gold is valuable, Jadeite is priceless." ..

50.17 $ Ex Tax: 50.17 $

Necklace and bracelet from mountain crystal

Mountain crystal has a beneficial effect on all chakras. It takes and converts any negative energy i..

94.76 $ Ex Tax: 94.76 $

Necklace and bracelet agate with floral pendant

Agate enhances the will and sensitivity of Virgo, Taurus, Gemini and Capricorn. Agate protects, awa..

76.92 $ Ex Tax: 76.92 $

Desert landscape - necklace and earrings of natural stones

Set landscape of desert necklace and earrings made of natural stones-carnelian and landscape Jasper...

13.38 $ Ex Tax: 13.38 $

Bracelet and Necklace with Tourmaline Quartz and Silver 925

Tourmaline quartz 6mm silver 925 length of the necklace 45 cm Pentagram - silver 925 The..

107.02 $ Ex Tax: 107.02 $

Necklace and black onyx bracelet

Onyx is a strong protective stone. It is thought to protect its owner from sudden death, accidents a..

102.56 $ Ex Tax: 102.56 $