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Perhaps, most of you are curious to know what is hidden behind the name "hand-made natural soap". We have listed 6 reasons to make it part of your life


1) PURITY OF THE INGREDIENTS USED The best reason to use a hand-made soap are its ingredients. Hand-made soaps are made of vegetable oils and natural ingredients, which are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients, which are essential for the healthy skin. Everyone wants to have a healthy skin and starting to use hand-made soaps every day is the best way to start.

2) REAL SOAP What you get from convenience stores is something named "soap" that is anything but soap. You usually get chemical cocktails, which are the perfect washing agent. They can easily remove grease from your dishes and clothes, however, when applied to skin, they remove the valuable protective oils from its surface layer.  The hand-made soap contains between 3% and 5% free /non-saponified/ oil, which preserve and enhance the protective capabilities of the skin.

3) NATURAL GLYCERIN Glycerin is not added to the recipe of the hand-made soap - it is generated during the process of oil saponification. Glycerin is valuable, because it calms and softens the skin. It maintains its water balance by attracting moisture from the air. It is so beneficial for the skin that large companies extract it from "commercially available" soap and sell it at higher prices in expensive body care, hygienic and pharmaceutical products. Glycerin is preserved in hand-made soaps.

4) ENRICHED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS In addition to enriching the skin and maintaining its natural functions, the presence of essential oils has another advantage – aromatherapy. The effect of scented essential oils on the mind is well-known. They can energise us, they can relieve anxiety or increase our concentration.

5) FOR ALL SKIN TYPES  Hand-made soaps are suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive and irritated skin. People allergic to most cleaning products can safely use natural soaps.

6) THEY CAN BE USED FOR THE FACE AND BODY. Their completely natural ingredients make them suitable for each part of the body, including the delicate skin of the face. This saves time and space in the bathroom.

Our workshop for natural hand-made soaps offers you a solution for a clean and healthy skin at the same time.

Hand-made natural soap helps the skin take care of itself or, in other words, it contains ingredients that stimulate the natural biological processes in the skin.

We hope our soaps will bring you the same level of enjoyment they bring to us.


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