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Vesaredo and Sons is a family company. Began its beginning and started the activity in 2010 year. The company produces homemade jams by a tested recipe, not containing, dyes and preservatives, and only environmentally friendly products. They offer a wide range of products, a great choice that allows everyone to find something to their liking, and besides the magnificent sweet, the company is gaining momentum with refreshing and simultaneously healthy syrups that captivate the senses from your first touch with them.

The idea of creating a company that allows the average user an at the same time more palatable, but also significantly more useful way of life emerging 9 years ago, when not only in Bulgaria but also globally the economic crisis is already a fact. The head of the Velcho family survived through work in woodworking. His sons – good and spas, or, in other words, the other two culprits for the realization of this fairy tale, were still learners. Throughout their childhood, Dobri and spas have the incredible privilege of enjoying the homemade prepared sweet of wild strawberries, blueberries and raspberries of their grandmother Todorka. In addition to them, grandmother Todorka also prepares modest quantities that are happy to try Bulgarian and foreign tourists visiting Tsigov Chark, located on the southwest shore of Batak Dam, which is the sixth largest dam in Bulgaria. The grandmother prepared and the head of the Velcho family was going to deliver the sweet to the customers. The small quantities were depleted quickly, and he realised that this product was profitable and receiving the approval of each client and was something that could be disposed of anywhere because of its uniqueness and value.

Within a year Velcho organizes the expansion of the scale of his activities and creates the company Vesspado and Sons. Her name contains several of the first letters of the names of his two sons and his own.

They start their mission with a bit of a kind but varied to taste sweet, with a rich content of wild berries, typical of the area, which houses the first workshop of the family, namely the famous for its purity, nature and beauty Gr. Rakitovo, located in the Western Rhodopes. The forest massifs along the largest valley in the whole mountain, store extremely biodiversity.

The specific and especially unique in the production is that from the sowing of the fruit itself to reaching the commercial network the participation of preservatives and colorants is a taboo subject. Which in today's daily life has become a rare phenomenon. Buying and producing in themselves is a complex, lengthy and arduous process, but Vespat and sons believe that the creation of a qualitative, natural, useful and at the same time touching with its aromatic notes is their personal mission.

Today the family company has two workshop, in which the employees are young and ambitious people, supporting with exceptional positivity and inspiration the mission of Velcho, spas and Dobri. Producing over 22 types of homemade jams, homemade honey, syrups, jams and marmalades, Vesaredo and Sons reach the table of Bulgarian families and residents abroad, mainly the USA and Germany. Fruits are bred with much love, not only by humans, but also by the sun and the fresh air. High quality is a top priority in production, and Vesaredo and sons do not compromise with it. Proof of this is not only compliance with the legal regulation in the EU and Bulgaria, but also a number of certificates supporting it.

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