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Exclusive representative of the Factory-manufacturer of silk decorative plasters SILK PLASTER for Bulgaria 'Silkplaster. BG' LTD. Direct trays.



  • Modern and high-tech Interior Plaster over 300 models with different colors and structures
  • Уникална алтернатива на традиционните бои, хартиени или винилови тапети и венецианска мазилка
  • Бързо и лесно обновяване на вашия апартамент, къща, хотел или ресторант без миризми, мръсни следи и прах!

Копринени декоративни мазилки Silk Plaster успешно изместват широко използваните до сего латексови бои. Мазилки съчетава най-добрите качества на стандартен тапет за ролки, декоративна мазилка и боя!

The Special texture of silk SILK PLASTER Creates a stable, seamless finish, hides cracks and bumps, while the surface becomes soft, warm and with acoustic comfort. With them, architectors and designers bring elegance and style to any space, whether wall, column, ceiling or other decorative element. They are characterized by sustainability and ease of maintenance, ideal for home, office, hotel, restaurant.


Why do You cost to choose SILK PLASTER?

Universal Properties of Silk plaster SILK PLASTER can give individuality and exclusivity for any interior:

✔ Heat and sound insulation

✔ Breathable structure prevents the formation of condensation,

✔ No need for putty,

✔ Seamless coverage of wall irregularities,

✔ withstand fluctuations of humidity and air temperature,

✔ prevent the appearance of cracks,

✔ does not fade in the sun, do not peel off,

✔ An eco-friendly material with no chemicals, no odors!

✔ Easy as for application and for fragmentary repair-product falls into «Do it yourself» category, does not need special training-easy to handle even an amateur, open-work time is up to 4-5 hours,

✔ Anti-static (does not absorb dust)

✔ Production is certified

✔ Endurance-Repair with SILK PLASTER Will delight you at least 10 years!


SILK PLASTER - екологично чист материал, създаден изключително от естествени материали, от коприна, памук, брокат, свързващи съставки. Той отговаря на всички европейски изисквания за опазване на околната среда и безопасност за здраве на хората.

If you are caring for the health of your loved ones, then this is your pictur choice!



Q: How many squares are they covering?


A: One package covers 3 to 5 square meters, depending on the collection. Prices start at  2,3€ per sq m.


Q: I'm only interested at what level should I prepare the gypsum board?

A: The plasterboard must be primed with a water-repellent primer. There is no need to plaster small threads, holes and cracks because material will fill them.



Q: What is the cost per square meter and ways of delivery?

A: From BGN 5.5 per sq. m


Q: Did I see in some videos and photos that they are also becoming ceilings?

A: Yes, they are also for ceilings, however work on ceilings is a little more complicated because of height and horizontal position on the surface ... But it becomes very nice)!


Q: Can I put the plaster on a top surface covered with styrofoam boards? Need a primer on the base?

A: You can. If it's slippery, treat it a bit with sandpaper to have adhesion.


Q: Get out, do the walls need to be plastered? Are these prices per square meter? I want to ask if they have to be plastered walls in advance and can be applied on the inside insulation.


A: You do not need to plaster walls because our materials fill small holes and cracks, flattens the surface. And yes, the plaster can be applied on any base that is not slippery (glass and metal, which also rustles) and does not absorb moisture. Internal insulation also becomes. The prices are for 1 package covering an area of ​​3.5 to 5 sq.m. (this depends on the model).


Q: Is the gypsum cardboard fully coat or should I be interested in?

A: Punch only the stitches, then priming with a white primer and getting a flat surface of a flat white color. It is good if the primer has in the ingredients fine sand. Such primers will facilitate the application of the material.


Q: And do you offer such water-repellent coals with sand particles?

A: Yes, we have it.


Q: Can I apply silk plaster to wallpaper?

A: Sorry, this will not be the case. Paper wallpapers will almost certainly be removed due to the amount of water in the stock of ready-to-apply plaster ...


Q: Can this plaster be a master only?

A: No, the material is in the "do-it-yourself" category and you can put it yourself


Q: On what basis is it based?

A: It's on all surfaces except glass and metal. If a surface absorbs moisture, it must be primed with an impregnating primer (water-repellent) to protect it from moisture contained in the finished material.


Q: Hello! Is this price per m2?

A: Hello! The prices are from 2.8€ per m2 and upwards. Site prices are quoted for 1 envelope weighing 1kg, but with a different roof area depending on the type of material. In the Instructions section, there is a table of distribution norms for all material models.


Q: Except in Sofia where can be seen? And is the price of the baker either per kg?


A: The price is on the envelope - 1 kg dry mix and with a roof area of ​​3 to 4.5 square meters depending on the model. We have partners in many cities.




Q: Is the price for 30 sq.

A: Depends on your chosen model of material. Each model has a different roof area for a standard 1 kg pack. See a table of norms in the Instructions section.




Q: I want to ask whether it is an internal plaster ..... for a corridor? Is it too rough? What would you recommend for a corridor in the Bega range?

A: Our plasters are only for the interior works. It is also for corridors, living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms. There are also fine and more embossed patterns. If you have a bridging spot, you can pay attention to the model Relief №325 - this is the most sought after model in the world! No. 325 will look like a stone, you can put golden and golden points for a glamorous effect.



Q: Hello! Is it a plaster just for walls?

A: For walls and ceilings.


Q: I am interested in how long is the durability of the plasters after application?

A: They are long-term. There is no change in characteristics in 10-15 years.


Q: What maximum thickness can I apply?

A: There are no limitations to maximum thickness. For the declared areas it will reach a normative thickness of 1 -1,5 mm.


Q: This cost for how many pounds you have and how much?

A: The site price is for 1 standard 1kg package.


Cost rate differs for different material models.


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