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We are Popov Products Group. An online trader dealing with clothes, accessories, appliances and furniture.

1. The Seller reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions by publishing them on its website in due course .1.2. By completing the electronic form available in the online store techn0.space for ordering a product, the Customer agrees to these General Terms and Conditions and undertakes to comply with them. In case of dispute whose will is bound by the text of the General Terms and Conditions, the party to the contract shall be considered to be the person who has paid the price of the product requested for purchase.1.3. Any person using the online store techn0.space assumes all the risks of using the online store, including the risks associated with technical malfunctions of the store, potentially harmful content, etc.

2. Prices 3.1. The prices of all products published in the online store are in Bulgarian leva for a single unit and including 20% VAT.3.2. The seller reserves the right to change the prices advertised in the online store at any time. In case of price change in force is the price of the product at the time of confirmation of the order.3.3. The price for delivery costs is paid by the customer. An exception is made when free shipping is announced for the product itself.

4. Order. Conclusion of the contract 4.1. A customer wishing to purchase goods from the online store submits a request for this by filling in the electronic form published on the site. The request must indicate a delivery address, email and contact telephone number. 4.2. The contract for purchase and sale shall be deemed to have been concluded from the moment of acceptance of the order.4.3. The seller does not guarantee the availability of the ordered products. In case any of the ordered products are not available at the time of the order, a consultant to the Seller contacts the Customer to inform him of the expected delivery date or to offer an alternative product. The Customer may agree or refuse the delivery period proposed by the Seller.4.4. The indication of incomplete or incorrect data makes the order invalid and it does not bind the Seller to execution. In such cases, the person who placed the order is responsible for all costs incurred by the Seller in this regard, including but not limited to costs in connection with possible attempted delivery.4.5. Offers posted in the online store are non-binding. The seller has the right not to confirm an order and accordingly not to deliver it without further explanation.

5. Payment 5.1. The Client is obliged to pay the price of the goods and the delivery costs in the amount, in the manner and within the deadlines set out in the General Terms and/or other individual arrangements.5.2. All goods remain the property of the Seller until the final settlement of all client financial obligations to the Seller.5.3. In case of orders for non-standard products, the Client undertakes to make a payment amount of 100% of the order value.5.5. Payment of the ordered product is made in one of the applicable ways described on the site.

6. Performance of the contract. Delivery 6.1. The deadlines for execution of the contract for purchase and sale by the Seller depend on the availability of the products ordered by the Client, the location of the address given by the Client and other circumstances. 6.2. When the Seller is unable to fulfill an order that he has already accepted, he is obliged to notify the Client of this and to refund any amount paid by the Client, if any, within 10 days of the date on which the Seller had to fulfill his obligation under the contract. The Seller shall refund the amount paid by the Client without interest or other compensation.6.3. Delivery is made only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria by the Seller according to the price list under Art. 9 of the General Terms and Conditions or through the services of a courier and is at the expense of the Client.6.4. The customer undertakes to provide access and the opportunity to receive the goods. If he does not comply with this obligation, the goods are returned to the Seller's premises, which the Customer is notified of. In these cases, the Customer owes the Seller payment of the costs incurred for the delivery and return of the products back. The Client has the opportunity to receive the returned products on site at the Seller's premises, unless the Parties have agreed to re-transmit the goods to the Client on his behalf.6.5. The obligation to deliver the goods will be deemed to be fulfilled with the delivery of the goods to the entrance to the building where the address of delivery specified in the application is located.6.6. Loading and unloading on delivery are an obligation and responsibility for the Client, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, in which case the price list under Art. 9 of the General Terms and Conditions.6.7. In case the Client does not make a payment after having indicated that it will be done by cash on delivery, there is no obligation to hand over the goods to the Seller.6.8. In case a Customer who orders products from the online store remains undetectable to specify the address and delivery time, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the order.

7. Cancel order 7.1. Pursuant to Art. 55 of the Consumer Protection Act, a User has the right within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product to waive it, as the cost and responsibility for returning the product at the expense of the User. 7.2. In the event that the Shoter abandons the product pursuant to Art. 7.1., the Seller undertakes to refund the amount paid to him. An amount shall be transferred to a bank account specified by the User no later than 30 days from the date of exercise of the right of withdrawal and provided that the product that is refused is received at the seller's address.7.3. The returned product shall be accepted only if it is in an appropriate commercial form, has not been used, the integrity of the product or the original packaging, including the label, is unbroced and all adjacent packaging is available.7.4 The period for returning the product shall be no more than 3 working days from the date of refusal of the order.7.5. When the Seller fulfills otherwise instead of what is due and the Client exercises his right of withdrawal from the concluded contract, the costs of returning the product are at the expense of the Seller, which the User should be notified of.

8. Claims 8.1. The Seller presents the products in his online store as realistically and with the fullest possible description. However, the colors and photos may look different on different monitors and the Customer should bear in mind that differences in the color of the products are possible The Seller is not responsible for the information provided by the manufacturers about the goods8.2. Upon receipt of the goods, the Customer is obliged to immediately review it. If it finds manifest deficiencies, it shall immediately inform the person making the delivery. In this case, a statement of findings shall be drawn up in two identical copies describing the obvious deficiencies, which are signed by the recipient of the goods and the representative of the courier company. In the event that the Client does not make a claim at the moment or even make one does not sign a statement of findings, he loses the right to later claim that his goods have been delivered with obvious deficiencies.8.3. The Seller's obligation to satisfy a claim is waived in the following cases:- attempted repair by an unauthorized person by the Seller;- improper loading, transportation, unloading by the Customer or non-compliance with the instructions for storage, use and handling of the relevant goods described in the accompanying manufacturer's documentation or applicable standards;- defect caused by improper or gross use;- defect caused by external reasons (including but not limited to physical , chemical, electrical or other effects unrelated to the normal operation of the product, inappropriate consumables or operating environment, etc.); Sent shipments for cash on delivery will not be accepted!
– The SUPPLIER is obliged to accept the claim if it is made in a timely manner.
– The SUPPLIER maintains a register of the claims made before him.
– Making a claim to the PROVIDER is not an obstacle to bringing a claim.
– When making a claim, each party may apply for judge and resolution of the dispute to ADR under the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

9. Lodging the claim
1. When submitting a claim, the USER shall also apply the documents on which the claim is based:
2. receipt or invoice;
3. protocols, acts or other documents establishing the non-conformity of the good or service with what has been agreed;
4. other documents establishing the claim on grounds and amounts.
5. https://www.kzp.bg

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