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Koreavita Shop aims to enable its customers to touch the magic of South Korea.


Our line Koreavita is inspired by the book 'Dongui Bogam', which gathered in itself the long history and experience of Korean traditional medicine. Recognized as one of the classics of Eastern Medicine, the book in July 2009 is included in the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Program.


We strive to provide you with effective products at affordable prices as concrete solutions for specific problems. In our work we are helped by our carefully selected partners in order to provide you with high quality and results.

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Our FAQs come from you, our customers! We thank you for your interest and trust, and we take the task of offering you only efficient, high-quality and safe products. Transparency regarding our products, their efficiency and origin, production process and use is extremely important to us. If you do not find your question below, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.


Is there a difference between a powdered mushroom and a mushroom extract?

Mushroom powder means that the mushroom mass is dried and crushed powder. Such products have almost no health-related effect. The bio active substances of the mushrooms are 'locked' behind the chitinos walls of their cells, and without extraction they are not biologically available to us. Non-ecqueathed additives are of low absorption and cannot provide a sufficient amount of active substances. In addition, their composition varies and the dosage is difficult to determine. It is no coincidence that in the traditional medical practice of the East, mushrooms are used only in decoctions, parks and soups, and not as raw, dried and crushed biomass powder.

To ensure the absorption of fungi in the human body, fungi must go through an extraction process. Extraction allows bio active substances to be extracted in an accessible form that contributes to human health. Therefore, we use standardized extracts, not just dried and powdered mushrooms. In this way, we guarantee the absorption and efficiency of the products we offer.


What is mushroom extraction?

Medicinal mushrooms can be taken in several ways:

  • Fresh, used for preparing different dishes
  • Dried and crushed powder
  • In the form of extracts

Use in the form of extracts is the best way to consume medicinal mushrooms. The extraction process breaks down chitinoin in the mushroom cell walls, which we humans cannot do because we do not have the necessary amounts of enzyme. After extraction, bio active compounds become available, in concentrated form and we can fully benefit from their benefits.

For extraction, hot water or ethanol is usually used depending on the active ingredients we want to get from the mushrooms. Water extraction gives high concentrations of polyzaccharides, but low levels of slightly water-soluble triterpenes. Alcohol extraction provides higher levels of triterpenes, but fewer polyzaccharides.


Does it matter how the mushroom extract is made?

Mushrooms consist of two parts: mycelium (mushroom) and a fruit body. Mycelium is a tangle of thin strands called hippies that penetrate the food medium (substrate) and from which the upper part of the fungus develops. They breed through spores. One part of the mushrooms form dense of different size fruit bodies above the ground.

Mycelium extracts have a lower content of bio active substances compared to fruit bodies. It is the cheaper alternative that is produced faster. Mycelium actually contains very few of the important compounds, vitamins and nutrients of the fruit body. The extracts we offer are solely from fruit mushroom bodies, high in beta-glucans and triterpenes.


Can I take mushroom or herbal extracts and tinctures instead of medications?

The products offered by Koreavita are NOT medicinal products. They should not be used as a substitute for drug therapy. They can be used in parallel with taking medicines, but if you have specific questions and are not sure, we recommend that you consult your doctor.


What side effects can I expect?

For several dozen years, medicinal mushrooms have been the focus of scientific research. Many studies have been carried out and the database continues to grow. Based on the available information medicinal mushrooms can be considered safe for most people subject to the indicated dose and average intake of 16 weeks. However, it should be borne in mind that more research is to be done and there are certain conditions under which you should approach carefully:

  • The use of Chaga and Reishi may increase the risk of bleeding in people with blood clotting disorders. Lion's Mane and Cordyceps can also slow down the blood clotting process. Although this effect is beneficial, as it hinders blood thickening and the formation of blood clots, be careful with parallel intake of anticoagulant medications. If you have a condition called thrombocytopenia, do not use these mushrooms. Also, due to the possibility of an increased risk of bleeding during surgery, do not use them at least two weeks before the scheduled operation.
  • If you have diabetes, be careful when taking Chaga and Lion's Mane because they lower blood sugar levels.
  • If you have too low blood pressure do not use reishi. Studies have shown that it can lower your blood pressure and make your condition worse and prevent treatment.
  • Chaga contains high concentrations of oxalate and there is a report of a 72-year-old Japanese woman diagnosed with liver cancer who developed oxalate nephropathy after consuming 4 - 5 tsp chaga powder per day for 6 months.
  • Cordyceps can lead to higher immune system activity. Approach extremely carefully with autoimmune diseases due to the risk of increasing their symptoms.

If you have specific diseases and are not sure if you should take our products, we strongly recommend that you consult your attending physician.


Intake of extracts of medicinal mushrooms in pregnancy, lactation and young children

There is not enough information about the safety of taking extracts of medicinal mushrooms during pregnancy, lactation and from young children. Therefore, we advise you to consult your doctor in advance. But we personally believe that they are safe for everyone, from children to the elderly.


When will I feel the effect of the extract or tincture I take?

This is very subjective, since each of us is a separate, strictly individual organism. When you will have results depends on your metabolism, your current state of health, the degree of susceptibility, the persistence of your intake. The benefits can be felt almost immediately or take from a few weeks to a month, even two, to feel changes. Taking dietary supplements is also associated with consistency that will allow the accumulation of benefits over time. We recommend regular intake for at least 30-60 days to allow the bio active ingredients to be 'deployed' in your body.


Does it matter when and what I take medicinal mushroom extracts with?

Not. Mushrooms, like fruits and vegetables, are a functional food and have been used as such for hundreds of years. Combining them with other foods and mushrooms can only expand their spectrum of positive impact. Single mushrooms (Lion's Mane, Mesima, Chaga) are great for targeted support in a particular problem, but can be safely taken with other products and mushrooms. The used herbal capsules Vcaps® Plus HPMC have a decay that does not depend on the pH of the gastric contents and does not cause additional irritation of the gastric mucosa. Extracts of medicinal mushrooms are compatible with parallel-conducted medication treatment. Some of them, such as Mesima, for example, may even have a synergistic effect with the ongoing therapy.


Can I follow a vegan and kosher diet while drinking the dietary supplements of Koreavita and Nutri- Fungi?

To. The lack of ingredients of animal origin and compliance with kosher requirements in the production of raw materials allow you to follow a vegan and kosher diet.


Are the products offered by Koreavita registered?

All products of the Series of Koreavita are manufactured in Bulgaria. Our partners have many years of proven experience in the production of dietary supplements. Each production batch shall be subject to a preliminary examination which aims to demonstrate its safety. It is only after the required standards have been met that proceedings are initiated. In addition, the Bulgarian and European requirements are met for each product and the corresponding are duly registered with the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (Bulgarian Food Safety Agency).

For products that are not our production, we have trusted partners who have proven themselves on the Bulgarian and European markets. We have satisfied in advance their good faith, reliability, guaranteed origin, as well as compliance with the requirements of Bulgarian and European legislation.

Our goal is to offer you products that are safe for your health, so that you can fully benefit from their benefits and benefits.




 I. Privacy, Privacy and Privacy, Order, and Payment Methods are subject to the Chopni Marketplace Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

 II. Stock delivery

 2.1. Koreavita supplies the ordered and purchased goods through a courier company at the address indicated by the customer.

2.2. Koreavita undertakes to ensure the appropriate packaging of the goods and the sending of accompanying documents in their possession.

 III. Refusal of order and return of goods

 3.1. Each customer (if he is a natural person) has the right to return one or more goods he has purchased within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt, without due compensation or penalty, and without giving any reason for the return.

3.2. The customer is obliged to store the goods obtained, their quality and safety until their return to Koreavita. The returned item must be in its original packaging, not used and its commercial appearance (eg torn packaging, removed labels, missing parts, etc.) has not been compromised. It should also be accompanied by all accompanying documents - receipt and / or invoice, warranty card, directions for use, etc.

3.3. The transportation costs of returning the goods from the customer to Koreavita are at the expense of the customer.

 IV. Goods for which the consumer has no right of withdrawal

 4.1. The customer has no right to renounce the contract in the following cases:

Ø when delivering goods made to the customer or according to his individual requirements;

Ø when delivering goods that by their nature may deteriorate or have a short shelf life;

Ø on delivery of sealed goods that have been printed after delivery and can not be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection.

 V. Claims on Damaged or Missing Shipment

 5.1. It is the duty of the customer as the recipient to open the shipment delivered at the time of receipt in the presence of the courier and to check for damage to the consignment or lack of its contents due to the shipment.

5.2. Claims for a damaged shipment are made at the moment of receipt of the shipment and in the presence of a courier, which completes a statement of findings in three uniform copies. The customer (consignee) is required to request the original and a copy of the protocol and then contact a representative of Koreavita to file the claim. Koreavita commits to free replacement of the damaged / missing item or refund of the amount paid by the customer only after the client has provided the protocol.

VI. Problems when executing the order

 6.1. Execution of the order made may be hindered for any of the following reasons:

Ø One or all of the ordered goods are not available. In this case, Koreavita will contact the customer as soon as possible;

Ø Data provided by the customer is incomplete and / or incorrect.

6.2. In the event of delivery problems caused by Koreavita's fault, all additional costs of dispatch or acceptance of the goods shall be borne by Koreavita. In all other cases, subsequent shipment will be at the expense of the customer.

6.3. Neither party will be held responsible for any failure to perform its obligations if such default is due to force majeure. Force majeure is an unpredictable event beyond the control of the parties that can not be avoided.

 VII. Other terms

 7.1. In situations of unsettled issues, the client has the right to address the controversial questions to a Koreavita associate of the correspondence contacts listed.

7.2. All disputes between the parties are resolved in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. In case no agreement is reached, the provisions of the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to all unresolved disputes, including those arising out of or relating to interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes concerning the filling of gaps or adaptation to newly emerging circumstances .

7.3. Koreavita has the right to terminate unilaterally and without notice the access to the provided services in the event that the client acts in violation of the good name of Koreavita, violates the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, international acts or threatens the operational capacity of the program and technical means through which the services are provided .

7.4. Each customer has the right to share their views on this policy by sending an email to Koreavita.

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