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The Dutch company HG produces high-end home cleaning products that meet professional cleaning standards. For maximum effect and low cost, a series of products for specific surfaces and materials are being developed at the plant's laboratories. This guarantees fast action and trouble-free efficiency in removing all types of dirt, disinfection and permanent care of all surfaces and fabrics.

In the HG product range you will find preparations for deep or daily cleaning of natural or laminated parquet, with or without gloss, with a protective coating or impregnation. Separate series are intended for cleaning of natural stone, terracotta, tiles, artificial flooring, treated and untreated natural wooden furniture and floors, treatment of floors and anti-slip carpets.

HG products can be entrusted with the complete cleaning of the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and the bedroom, the pool, the yard and the garden. Products for cleaning and maintaining silver and gold jewelry and vessels, all types of leather, fabrics and textiles have been created.

It is also thought of the interior of the car - cleaning the dashboard (with or without gloss), seat upholstery, air conditioning.

The site provides detailed explanations of how each product is used. Because the right choice of detergents leads to brilliant results.

-Hi, I'm in a stuffy bathroom. What should I get?

HG 139 Professional Bathroom Drain Cleaner!

-It's a little expensive. Do you think it'il work for me?

Attempts customers say they unclog it and on the chimney the canals do good for you and for him and you:):)


I have a problem with the soap deposits in the bathroom and the lime, something credible?

HG 605

Is it agood?

These are preparations without an analogue of any market, you can compare their quality with any other detergent and if you do not like it, return it to me to make a claim to the Dutch.

Do you agree?


 Returning a defective good is a matter of good commercial practice, only a distance purchase can be returned within 14 days: Returning a purchased good is one of the ways to satisfy a claim in the event of a defect. Without inconsistency, consumers can only cancel a transaction within 14 days if they have concluded it at a distance. These are the opt-out options provided for in the Consumer Protection Act, which is harmonized with European legislation in this area.

The Commission for Consumer Protection (CPC) recalls this fact in the context of the European Union Consumer Rights Campaign.

One of the hypotheses in which consumers can return the goods purchased to the merchant is in the presence of a defect occurring within the statutory warranty period (up to two years from the date of purchase) or during the period of validity of the commercial guarantee, under the terms of her. After filing a complaint with the merchant, he should repair the defective product free of charge to the consumer or replace it with a new one within one month. If he fails to do either, he should make a price rebate or return the customer's money. The return of the money may also occur in cases where a good within the two-year guarantee period defects again after having been repaired three times already.

Return of goods with the argument that it does not appeal to the consumer is not the correct size or color and so is not provided by law, except when the transaction is concluded from a distance or out of a commercial premises. In this case, the consumer is entitled to claim for cancellation of the contract within 14 days after delivery and refund. The legislator provides this option with the presumption that the consumer has not been able to get acquainted with the real characteristics of the goods only by their picture or description. However, the right to return goods purchased at a distance or out of a shop is different from the right to file a claim for an established defect, regardless of whether the goods are obtained from a traditional shop or an electronic store.

The return of goods purchased from a traditional store without a defect or after the expiry of the 14-day period for distance and off-premises transactions is only a matter of good commercial practice on the part of the particular economic operator and is not regulated.

Deliveries are made by ECONT to the customer's address or courier's office.

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