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Geranium Night Face Serum

Geranium’s magical power is hidden in its soft and sweet rose aroma! It resonates with nature and em..

17.95€ Ex Tax: 17.95€

Carrot Eye Cream

This small bottle of Carrot Eye cream goes a long way and helps refresh the skin around the eyes. Sm..

9.35€ Ex Tax: 9.35€

Sore Nose Balm

When it comes to a stuffy, cracked or leaking nose, it doesn’t matter how fine the handkerchiefs or ..

8.50€ Ex Tax: 8.50€

Jasmine Face Lotion

A daily face lotion with a delicate Jasmine note that helps regenerate and nourish the skin. Packed ..

15.95€ Ex Tax: 15.95€

Foldable handbag mirror

Double-sided foldable mirror ideal for any size handbag or simply travelling. Laser engraved, metal ..

12.00€ Ex Tax: 12.00€

Spirulina Body Scrub

A zesty after-bath skin food, gently exfoliating and rejuvenating for hours to come. Made of a gentl..

23.80€ Ex Tax: 23.80€

Vanilla Face Cream

With its feminine, delicate and elegant note, the Vanilla Face Cream brings up warm wishes and love...

12.50€ Ex Tax: 12.50€