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The brand Furore is new to the market. Our main goal is related to the healthy lifestyle of our clients.

Our products will be in three categories.

- Products made only from natural materials, viscose, cotton, flax, silk, etc.

- Products made of healing textile. We are negotiating with suppliers of fabrics that are handled in a special way that has a beneficial effect on human health.

- Intelligent Textile Products. We now have fabrics in which there are woven sensors that measure body temperature, blood pressure, the composition of the air around us.

The supply of these products will be accompanied by certificates from the manufacturer that these fabrics meet the qualities described.

Each product will have information on what matter is made and how it protects our body. The color you choose how it affects your body and what colors it is best to combine. Color therapy or the impact of colors on our mind and body has been studied since antiquity.

The Bulgarian embroidery will also be present in our garments.

Our logo is a pyramid.

The pyramid - this geometric body - has been occupying hundreds of scientists for many years. It has a beneficial and healing effect on humans, animals, plants, the water we drink and the food we eat.
In every product you buy, you will find a small pyramid made of various minerals.

Our goal is to design and offer to your attention clothes that will satisfy your requirements.

In the fabrication of our clothes, we are guided by research in the field of color therapy, natural materials and modern and elegant cuts.
We will be happy if you share with us your feedback about the clothes we produce.
We want to find out what you think about the fabric and the color of the clothes proposed by our company.
Do not be afraid to ask questions and comment on our posts.

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