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Scientists from BAS have turned the salty lye into a healthy cosmetic product number 1 on the market and the first helper of both women's beauty and the male health and youth problems! Who does not want to be healthy, young and beautiful for a long time with one of the greatest natural gifts? Try the natural perfection!

The Laboratory "SOLE SYSTEMS AND NATURAL RESOURCES" (SSNR) consists of two working groups - SCIENTIFIC, located in IGIC-Sofia, and APPLIED, situated in IGIC-Bourgas. The two groups, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefka Tepavicharova, work in concert and in synergy on the implementation of the projects of the Laboratory. They conduct research, related to the production and characterization of inorganic chemicals, with the development of technologies for their production. Carry out tests and pilot studies of technologies for chemical products and reagents and for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, organize small market research productions. They study the solubility and crystallization processes occurring in a number of simple and multi-component salt systems, in model water systems, natural waters and minerals, industrial waters, etc., which are the theoretical basis for optimizing conditions and developing technologies for the production of inorganic chemical products. Water-salt systems are thermodynamically modeled and the processes occurring under different conditions are predicted.

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