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  Wide assortment of appliances, accessories, cosmetics, bio foods and supplements - natural and ecological, contributing to a healthy lifestyle.


QUESTION: What is coconut oil and its effect?




Coconut oil is an exclusive natural product rich in nutritionally valuable nutrients. Unlike conventional oils, it contains fatty acids of the LWB group - lauric, capric, myristic, and capric acid. They are of low caloric value and quickly transform into energy without turning into fat. They have antimicrobial and antifungal activity and because of their rapid absorption are especially suitable for people with problems with the liver and digestive system.



OstroVit coconut oil:


• Prevents cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. It increases the levels of "good" cholesterol (known as HDL) and helps to convert "bad" LDL - cholesterol to "good". In this way, it promotes the health of the heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.


• Supports the immune system. Lauric acid from the coconut oil is transformed into monolaurin monoglyceride, which has potent action against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Replacing ordinary oils in the daily life with coconut oil significantly increases resistance and supports the immunity of the body.


• Improves digestion Coconut oil improves digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, amino acids and a number of minerals. Supports useful microflora, destroys bad bacteria and candida. Prevents inflammatory processes in the body, does not burden the liver and stomach without causing elevation of insulin levels.


• Regulates weight and promotes burning of abdominal fat. Coconut oil is particularly effective in reducing the fat that accumulates in the abdominal cavity and around the organs. These are the so-called visceral fat, and they are the most dangerous of all fat and are a prerequisite for a number of chronic diseases.


• Helps in Gallbladder and Pancreatic Diseases. Fats of the LSWG group that contain coconut oil do not need pancreatic enzymes to be absorbed, relieving the pancreatic burden. In addition, these superfats are easily digested and can alleviate some symptoms associated with gallbladder disease.


• Anti-aging effect. As it improves antioxidant activity, it can slow down the aging process. Coconut oil has a stress-reducing effect on the liver and also lowers oxidative stress.

Directions for use: as a supplement and a substitute for animal and plant fat.




QUESTION: Why and how do magnets help?

ANSWER: Man's striving for Health and Beauty leads to the creation of new products!


1. Affordable and effective opportunity to compensate for a permanent weakening magnetic field.


2. Powerful action on the body.


Continuous improvement of blood circulation; improving oxygen transmission to all cells, tissues and organs; normalization of arterial pressure (even in chronic hypertension); preventing the formation and effective breakdown of erythrocyte and platelet groups; Increased cell membrane penetration; increasing the elasticity and tone of the blood vessels; improvement of the endocrine system and hormonal balance; optimizing cell nutrition and potassium-sodium exchange; redistributing iron content and increasing the blood-forming ability of the body; increasing the biological activity of magnesium; purifying blood vessels from slags, cholesterol and calcium deposits; activating energy exchange at the body's acupuncture points; pain-relieving effect.

Negative ions (.)


Some models contain special sources of negative ions that saturate the body and promote effective bronchitis, bronchial asthma and other diseases of the respiratory system, neurosis, insomnia, migraine, acute respiratory diseases, hypertonia and hypotension, strokes, heart attacks , ulcers, gastritis, colitis, rheumatism, joint pain, functional disorders, inflammatory processes, etc.


Infrared rays (.)


The infrared rays in contact with the skin come into contact with the water molecules. As a result of the emerging resonance, micro-vibrations at the molecular level are intensified, causing a heat effect and local micro-increase in tissue temperature. This in turn leads to increased elasticity of the blood vessels. Thanks to the higher micro and macro circulation of the blood, better work is done on the tissues and organs of the body. As a result, accumulated toxins are removed more easily from the body and the higher level of cell capacity is restored.


The emergence of the Far Infrared Spectrum Technology market before 10 years in Japan, has become possible thanks to the use of bioceramics - an innovative development by the US NASA.


Germanium (.)

 The biochemical effect of germ in blood is similar to that of hemoglobin, namely:

• The elasticity and tone of the vessels are normalized and the rate of blood flow increases in them; the whole healing of the circulatory system is activated and blood clotting improves; activating the vasodilating, anti-retroviral and immunostimulatory action.


  Tourmaline is a natural mineral - a gemstone. It has a powerful effect to protect the body from harmful electromagnetic emissions from the environment and further: enhances cell metabolism and metabolism; improves blood flow; restores the lymphatic system; restores endocrine and hormonal systems; improves organ and tissue nutrition; strengthens immunity; balances the vegetative nervous system (Psyche excitation and suppression system); improves sleep; restores the nervous system after stress; increases sexual function

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the power of magnets in Victoria Bells ornaments?
Neodymium magnets with a magnetic field strength of 800 to 1500 Gausses are used in the various models, which fully corresponds to the latest recommendations in the field of individual magnetotherapy.
2. If a magnet has a 1000 Gauss force, does it mean that a 8-magnet bracelet has a magnetic induction of 8,000 Gauss?
No. It is important to know that increasing the number of magnets does not increase the power of the magnetic field. The great advantage of an increased number of magnets is to significantly increase the efficiency of the distribution of the total
magnetic field and no need for bracelets, check that the magnets are located exactly on the inside of the wrist, where the effect is strongest.
3. How Long Can You Wear Magnets Decorations?
The magnetic decorations can be worn permanently, or as the case may be, and the choice of toilet, or depending on your everyday life. The therapeutic and compensatory action of magnets enables your chosen ornament to accompany you constantly.
4. Can more than one ornament be worn at the same time?
Yes. If necessary or desired, more than one magnetic ornament can be worn at the same time. As already mentioned, increasing the number of magnets does not increase the force of the magnetic field of the product.
5. Should the bracelet fit tightly to the hand to ensure effective impact?
No. This is not required. Adjust the size of your bracelet according to your personal preferences. An effective magnetic field allows action and penetration into the body, even if the magnet is not tightly attached to the body.
6. Can dependency or addiction to magnets develop?
Wearing magnetic decorations can not develop any habituation or dependence on the magnetic field. On the contrary, the only thing that will receive the constant support from the created magnetic field and the maximum result for the sub-
the state of the various organs and systems and the overall condition of the organism.
7. Which pole is the effect of the magnets on the human body.
In all Victoria Bells jewelry, the magnets are embedded so that the impact is done with the North Pole to the body. This is because the northern pole has a stronger healing effect, and such are the recommendations after all modern scientific studies on magnetotherapy.

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