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If   ASTHMA   is smothering you ... 
If   ALLERGY   prevents you from breathing ... 
If you can not fight   VIRUSES ... 
The Airfree Air Purifier is a reliable protection

Airfree®: The new natural and efficient way to clean the air in closed spaces.

Nowadays, people spend over 90% of their time indoors, whether at work or at home.

According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air pollution is 50 times higher than in the open air, and Airfree can not create a sterile environment.

Hence, the treatment of indoor air pollution is vital for the healthy lifestyle of people suffering from asthma and allergies.

Airfree destroys air allergens like:

  • dust mites allergens
  • pet allergens
  • pollen
  • mold spores, fungus and mold
  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • organic smells

providing a cleaner and safer indoor environment for allergic people.

Patented TSS ™ technology of Airfree acts on the principle of natural air convection, with microorganisms involved in the ceramic core of the device, where they are destroyed by the high temperature (200 ° C), no matter how persistent and dangerous they are.

Airfree is the most tested air purifier.

Tested and approved in many of the best ISO 17025 independent laboratories and universities in several countries that have established and confirmed its effectiveness in destroying all microorganisms.

Airfree® for CHILDREN ROOMS without dust mites and other allergens

Studies conducted at the University of Virginia prove that for children exposed to dust mite allergens at an early age, the risk of developing asthma is much greater.

Treatment of polluted air in enclosed spaces is vital for the healthy lifestyle of children and adults suffering from asthma and allergies.

Why put AIRFREE in the nursery?

  • AIRFREE destroys dust mite allergens;
  • AIRFREE destroys the mold spores;
  • AIRFREE destroys pet allergens;
  • AIRFREE destroys bacteria;
  • AIRFREE destroys all viruses;
  • AIRFREE significantly reduces organic and residual odors such as cigarettes, for example;
  • TSS ™ technology of AIRFREE is the only one that reduces the amount of ozone. Toxic gas (ozone), inhaled in high concentrations, leads to the destruction of lung tissue, chest pain, shortness of breath, inflammation of the airways and even asthma. Its long-lasting negative consequences are still unknown.

Why choose AIRFREE, not another air purifier?

  • AIRFREE is the most tested air purifier.
  • AIRFREE guarantees 99% destruction of all microorganisms.
  • AIRFREE is completely silent and guarantees your baby's tranquil sleep.
  • AIRFREE does not require maintenance and replacement of filters.
  • AIRFREE uses patented high-performance thermodynamic technology. The heat that it separates is equal to that separated from a human body.
  • AIRFREE does not emit harmful emissions.

AIRFREE is available in several models with different capacities such as some series also feature an anti-stress lamp.

The electrical consumption is equivalent to that of a 50W electric bulb.

The device does not require maintenance.

Warranty 2 years.


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