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Unique gift with the breath of NATURE !!!
Mini 3D Art Picture is your new interior garden. Real moss from Scandinavia, a green corner of the nature on your shelves or wall. Specially developed and sterilized: 100% natural - 0% care.

Enjoy a new trend of "sneaking greenery in the urban way of life" - at home, in the office or at the villa ... Long lasting freshness with a very natural look and feel. No need for watering and natural light!

Each mossy piece is gently gathered during its life cycle peak. It is stored through a specially designed sterilization process that gives it a long-lasting multi-year effect.

Unique as nature itself. A bit of life from the Scandinavian forests.

Reduces noise and contributes to the comfort of every home. The modern penthouse creates warm and soft accents. Quietly sneaks into the classic and traditional interiors, emphasizing playful natural and organic forms reminiscent of life outside.

Velvety softness that creates a relaxing and calming effect.
Perfectly combines and balances all materials and decorative interior elements (wood, stone, brick and concrete).


GIVE the GIFT of NATURE with 3DGARDEN's creative mood decorations!

You are tired of buying bouquets and wandering in stores in search of the perfect gift? You are tired of seeing your 100 Euros wither? Do you want a gift from nature that will remind of you of it every day?

Be different! Meet the new limited edition of 3DGARDEN. Only now can you have impressive manual workmanship.
Art decorations and paintings with real Scandinavian moss. Live magic in your hands will warm up every heart.
And to feel even better, remember the following 5 positive qualities of your gift:

+: 100% natural
+: No maintenance
+: Without watering
+: Does not hold dust
+: Does not need light

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