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Seller Agreement


Today, …………………, between:

1.………………………………………………………………………. with headquarters and business address:…………………………………………………………………………..………….., with UIC………………………. represented by ……….…………………………. - Manager, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller" of the one part;


2. “CHOPNI LTD”, a limited liability company, with headquarters and business address: 42 Aleksandrovska Str., town of Burgas 8000, Bulgaria, entered in the Registry Agency - Trade register with UIC 204729295, represented by Asen Yordanov Boev - Manager, (hereinafter referred to as the "CHOPNI") of the other part;

(together hereinafter referred to as the "Parties" and separately referred to asthe "Party");

in view of the expressed mutual consent, this Service Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Contract" ) was concluded and the Parties agreed on the following:

Art.1. CHOPNI provides the Seller with access to pages, information and online platform contained in the website of CHOPNI located at https://www.Chopni.com, under the terms and conditions of this Contract. By accessing the online platform, the Seller shall be entitled to create a trade account, offer unlimited number of products for sale, and payment collection and processing service.

Art. 2. The contract shall be concluded for an indefinite period of time.

Art. 3. In return for the services specified in Art.1, the Seller shall pay CHOPNI a remuneration amounting to 15 % of the value of goods sold through the platform /VAT included/.

Art. 4. The payment of the remuneration is made by deducting from the amounts collected by CHOPNI from the customers in accordance with the payment procedure.

Art. 5. The reporting period for determining the amounts due to the Seller on the completed orders and the remuneration due to CHOPNI on completed orders is a half-month period.

The half-month reporting period includes:

a ) for completed orders from 1st day until 15th day of the calendar month: due date on 30thday of the same calendar month or the next business day after the 30thday if this date is not a business day.

(b ) for completed orders from 16thday until the end of the calendar month (depending on the case: 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st): due date on 15th day of the following calendar month or the next business day after the 15thday if this date is not a business day.

Art. 6. On the day before the due date, CHOPNI shall issue an invoice to the Seller for the amount due for the services provided during the reporting period which will be available at the Seller’s account. The payment procedure is available at https://www.chopni.com/payout.

Art. 7. On the due date CHOPNI shall transfer to the Seller's bank account any amounts received by customers for completed orders during the reporting period reduced with the remuneration due from the Seller to CHOPNI for the services provided.

Art. 8. By signing this contract the Seller shall authorize CHOPNI to collect the price of Seller goods purchased by customers through the website, services and platform of CHOPNI.

Art. 9. The Seller shall not owe any remuneration for a good which is a subject of a completed order and which is subsequently returned by a customer under the legal provisions applicable to distance contracts and / or cancelled by a customer for reasons which do not depend on the Seller and which result in the refund of the value of the customer's goods.

Art. 10. The Seller shall use the website, services and platform of CHOPNI as a method of communication with customers, as well as exchange information on the Orders and the goods only through the website, services and platform of CHOPNI.

Art. 11. The delivery of the products is the exclusive responsibility of the Seller. The Seller shall perform the delivery of the products ordered by the customers under the Delivery Terms and Conditions set by him/her and the method and the address specified by the Customers. Product delivery shall include tax documents in accordance with the valid legislation, a Return of Goods Form and a Warranty Card (if applicable).

Art. 12. By signing this contract, the Seller shall confirm and guarantee that he/she owns, directly or indirectly, all intellectual property rights in relation to the goods he/she sells,

including the documents and / or information and / or the photos / images posted on the website and the platform of CHOPNI.

Art. 13. By signing this contract, the Seller shall inform CHOPNI within three days of any changes in the data for identification, registration and deregistration under the VAT, address and phone number and / or email address provided for messages, notifications or confirmations as well as of any change in the contact persons / designated representatives, as well as reflect these changes in Seller's account on the website and the platform of CHOPNI.

Art.14. Seller shall promptly notify CHOPNI of the Customer's receipt of Products returned on the basis of Art. 55, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Law or for other reasons by reflecting this in the platform of CHOPNI.

Art. 15. The clauses of the General Terms and Conditions and User Agreement for services  provided by CHOPNI LTD (hereinafter referred to as the "General Terms and  Conditions") and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be applied for all outstanding issues.

Art. 16. CHOPNI reserves the right to change periodically the General Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Policy, Prices and Fees, Policy for Articles Prohibited for Registration, Copyright Policy and any other application which is included by reference to the General Terms and Conditions. CHOPNI shall notify the User of any significant change to the General Terms and Conditions by posting a notice on the CHOPNI website or to the email address registered by the User on the CHOPNI website. By signing this Contract the User agrees to be bound by any changes to the General Terms and Conditions when using the pages, information and online platform contained on the CHOPNI website after publishing the relevant changes.

Art. 17. By signing this Contract, the User declares that he/she is aware of and accepts the General Terms and Conditions as of the date of the Contract.

Art. 18. Each of the parties may terminate this Contract by sending a written one month’s notice to the other party. Each party shall pay all outstanding amounts to the other party until the expiration of the notice period.

Art. 19. The parties mutually agree to refer all disputes related to this Contract, Service or Site for binding arbitration by the Arbitration Court for Commercial Disputes - Burgas, Bulgaria in accordance with its Rules of cases based on arbitration agreements. If this arbitration agreement is not applicable to a particular claim or dispute the parties shall accept the personal jurisdiction and the place of the courts located in Burgas, Bulgaria, and all such claims or disputes as well as this contract shall be construed in accordance with the Bulgarian laws.

This Contract was drawn up in two identical copies, one for each Party, and was concluded between the Parties on the date indicated at the beginning, in witness whereof the Parties signed the Contract as follows:

                                                              FOR SELLER:                                                                                     FOR CHOPNI LTD: