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Rice and Legumes

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Rice Karbor

Rice Karbor Rice Karbor is the ideal choice for making risotto. Pearly white and tender, boil to t..

2.59 $ Ex Tax: 2.59 $

Baldo Rice

Baldo Rice Riaron Baldo is a fine large rice which we grow with great care and love along the Mari..

2.59 $ Ex Tax: 2.59 $

Corn 200 g

Corn 200 g Regular corn consumption is useful. It is sufficient to obtain all the necessary vitami..

1.15 $ Ex Tax: 1.15 $

Bob Streen Dark 500 g

Bob Streen Dark 500 g For connoisseurs of pure Bulgarian products! Proposal of Eco Farm Cherga, 1..

2.02 $ Ex Tax: 2.02 $

Extra white rice

Each grain is carefully processed and extremely clean, preserving its natural aromas and taste, thi..

2.11 $ Ex Tax: 2.11 $

Bob Streen Light 500 g

Bob Streen Bright For connoisseurs of pure Bulgarian products! Natural Bulgarian product. Colored..

1.72 $ Ex Tax: 1.72 $

Brown rice rich in fiber

Riaron brown rice rich in fiber It has a soft taste of nuts. More chewing and more nutritious. Ass..

2.11 $ Ex Tax: 2.11 $

Fine coarse rice for exquisite meals

Riaron Finn Coarse rice for exquisite dishes Fine large rice, raised along the Maritsa River. Care..

2.11 $ Ex Tax: 2.11 $

Jwello Rice-Black rice

Jwello Rice-Black rice For centuries, black rice was only available for royalty. Jwello is a whole..

5.70 $ Ex Tax: 5.70 $

Round rice for sushi and fillings

Riaron round rice for sushi and fillings Bulgarian Rice of the highest quality. It has been bred b..

2.11 $ Ex Tax: 2.11 $