Returns Information

return information


If, for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with your ordered product, we will refund your money back, as long as it has not been more than 14 calendar days after receiving the product. will keep your money safe until then and will refund it with no questions asked. Of course the product and its wrapping must be wholesome and have good selling appearance. Goods which have been custom made or are considered perishables are not subject of the Returns or Exchanges Policy.


If you wish to exchange the product with the same because of a fault in it, which was not caused by you, we will assist you in the process. Please fill the Return Form, which came with the product or the one located in section “Order History” in your Buyer Account. The Seller of the Product will be notified and obligated to undertake the proper actions immediately after processing your request. will watch closely your case every step of the way.


In case you wish to replace or return the product, and the reason is not faulty product or mistake made by the Seller, the expenses for the return delivery are covered by the Customer.


In case the product was delivered faulty or mistaken, the expenses for the return delivery are covered by the Seller.


The refunds are only being issued after the product has been sent back to the Seller and they have verified it. will make sure you are fully satisfied, regardless of your course of action.