Registration and Verification

Start selling your products on, by registering on the platform. For this, you need to follow the next steps carefully:

1. As a start, click on My Account in the top right corner of the page and on the new page, select Register Account.

Fill in the required fields to register your account and click Register. Your successful customer registration will be confirmed by receiving an email from

2. To complete your Seller Account registration, select the "Start Your Shop" button on the bottom right corner of your profile page.

Here, you can input your short company presentation.

•    Shop Name – The name of your shop.

•    Description – Company and brand presentation.

•    Logo – Your Logo or Symbol, visible on Your Profile and Product pages. Size min. 250 x 250 pxl - max 1000 x 1000 pxl
•    Banner – Your Profile page header banner. Size 1480 x 200 pxl


•    Personal Photo – Your personal photo as a seller, or an avatar. (optional)


•    Address – Fill in the required fields for your address registration, as a legal entity or a physical person, according to your preferences how to register.

The completion of the registration will be confirmed, via email.

Our associates will contact you shortly after, for final clarifications if required.

3. After your registration is complete and your shop has been activated, please fill in the following information:

You can do so by going to the Settings of your Shop. (Log in --> My Shop --> Settings --> Shipping)


Please fill in the country of origin of your products, the time you need to prepare the order, delivery destinations and the corresponding time for delivery. These settings will correlate with all your future products, unless there is an individual setting you’d like to set for a certain product. Follow the instructions for filing the information for delivery. Try to be as detailed and as precise as possible when describing the delivery options as our platform is global and there are potential customers from all over the world who will be browsing through the products on

Begin with the country you will be sending the product from and the maximum days it will take for you to prepare and send the order. Always keep this time limit, to avoid negative reviews.

Following the notes for filling in the fields, make sure to include as many destinations as you are able to send product to. Keep in mind the weight of the order too. When there is a price difference in the amount for heavier orders, you can set several options for delivery. For example from 0 to 1 kg, from 1 to 2 kg, from 2 to 5 kg etc. For deliveries at no cost, select the courier with “Free Delivery” tag and fill 0.00 in the price field. All prices are in EURO.

For your convenience, we have developed another way you can do this. In it, you do not need to enter the information multiple times for each different weight range for the same destination. The alternative here is, to select a destination once and to set a wider weight range for the delivery.

Fill in from 0.00 to 100.00 kg for example (or as much as you consider acceptable for your personal delivery scope) and set the base (fixed) cost. This cost will be charged with every order in addition to the “per weight unit” price, which is calculated by the system. In this way for example if the client orders products, with a total weight of 5 kg, the price for delivery will be formed as we add the cost per weigh unit, multiplied by ,5 to the fixed price.



Delivery Settings:
Destination – Austria
Shipping Company – DHL
Delivery Time – 2-4 days
Weight (kg) – from 0.00 to 100.00
Cost (fixed + per each weight unit*) - €5.00 + €2.00*
         - *optional

Product Settings:
Product weight – 1 kg.


Upon ordering by client:
5 pcs. (5 х 1 kg. = 5 kg) -> Cost: €5 (fixed) + €10 (for weight) =  €15
10 pcs. (10 х 1 kg. = 10 kg.) -> Cost: €5 (fixed) + €20 (for weight) = €25
35 pcs. (35 х 1 kg. = 35 kg.) -> Cost: €5 (fixed) + €70 (for weigh) = €75


Now you may upload products to the platform by clicking on PRODUCTS in your shop. The information for your products will be stored in our database and the uploaded products will be visible and active after each of them has been reviewed and approved by an administrator.