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Professional Care

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Manicure set - Salon shaper

We present a set of 5 plugins for professional manicure and pedicure at home. With this professiona..

7.80 $ Ex Tax: 7.80 $

Uniq One 10 in 1 Treatment 150 ml.

Hair Care Leave-In Mask-Spray with 10 Effects 1. Repair for dry & damaged hair. 2. Shine & frizz..

12.81 $ Ex Tax: 12.81 $

Nail Aid Pen SOS 4 ml

Nail Aid Pen For enhancement of the microbiologically damaged nail structure SOS Nail Aid Pen contai..

14.60 $ Ex Tax: 14.60 $

Geranium Night Face Serum

Geranium’s magical power is hidden in its soft and sweet rose aroma! It resonates with nature and em..

20.00 $ Ex Tax: 20.00 $

MicroSilver Foot-Balm SOS 75 ml

MicroSilver-Foot-Balm For intensive care of very dry and irritated feet The SOS microsilver foot bal..

6.99 $ Ex Tax: 6.99 $

Intensive cream for skin Creme 21 150 ml

Creme 21 rich intensive care with Pro-Vitamin B5 offers your skin ideal care and extensive protectio..

2.82 $ Ex Tax: 2.82 $

Haemorrhoid Ointment SOS 30 g

Haemorrhoid Ointment For the relief of acute and chronic inflammatory symptoms SOS Haemorrhoid Ointm..

8.29 $ Ex Tax: 8.29 $

Sore Nose Balm

When it comes to a stuffy, cracked or leaking nose, it doesn’t matter how fine the handkerchiefs or ..

9.47 $ Ex Tax: 9.47 $

MicroSilver Cream SOS 100 ml

MicroSilver Cream For intensive care of very dry, irritated skin and neurodermatitis SOS MicroSilver..

6.24 $ Ex Tax: 6.24 $

Hyaluronic Acid 1.5% Serum, 30 ml

Action: Do you Want to keep your skin as young and beautiful as possible for a long time? Do y..

31.33 $ Ex Tax: 31.33 $

Filler gel with hyaluronic 100% HYALURON ACID molecular weight from 1500 to 2000 Кda

Do you Want to keep your skin as young and beautiful as possible for a long time? Do you Want to ..

54.11 $ Ex Tax: 54.11 $

Sea Collagen Serum 6% 120 ml

Action: Known as the adhesive that holds the body firmly collagen is the main building block of t..

62.65 $ Ex Tax: 62.65 $

Fluid cream with silk proteins 50 ml

  Fluid Crema with silk proteins and soft pearl brocades 50 ml   They Fight premature aging..

31.33 $ Ex Tax: 31.33 $

Serum with silk proteins, 30 ml

  Serum with silk proteins 30 ml They Fight premature aging, stimulate the functions of facial..

31.33 $ Ex Tax: 31.33 $

Soap Safeguard Chamomile 90 g

Soap Safeguard Chamomile 90 g Safeguard antibacterial soap that is 100% recommended by global health..

0.89 $ Ex Tax: 0.89 $