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'Forever' Honey 500g -16%

'Forever' Honey 500g

  DESCRIPTION The bees fly out of color, collect the nectar-rich substance, store it briefly t..

20.21 $ 17.00 $ Ex Tax: 17.00 $

Honeydew honey

We are proud to offer black forest honey from Strandzha also known as honeydew honey. We deliver onl..

11.23 $ Ex Tax: 11.23 $

Linden honey with herbs - 300 ml

Linden Honey has the ability to improve the immune system, prevent certain forms of cancer, calm the..

7.86 $ Ex Tax: 7.86 $

Homemade lamb meat pâté 250g

Lamb meat /farm recipe/ The captivating taste of the liver and the aromatic lamb turn this pâté int..

3.82 $ Ex Tax: 3.82 $

Tomatoes with basil and pumpkin seeds

With pumpkin oil Like summer, closed in a jar - such is the taste of this paste, which smells of fr..

2.81 $ Ex Tax: 2.81 $

Veal in own sauce 550g

Veal gelatinous meat in own sauce Enjoy first class Bulgarian beef from animals living in the nat..

8.43 $ Ex Tax: 8.43 $

Hunter's Salad

Wonderful appetizers for each drink, the hunting salad perfectly combines the tastes of different ve..

2.25 $ Ex Tax: 2.25 $

Paste Squash and pumpkin seeds

Appetizing, delicious and useful, courgettes are preferred food throughout all seasons. You've proba..

2.81 $ Ex Tax: 2.81 $

Paste Ripe beans and roasted peppers

One of the classics of the Bulgarian table is beans, prepared as a salad or soup. Attractive, delici..

2.81 $ Ex Tax: 2.81 $

Pate Red beets with pickles

Treat yourself to this fresh, spicy and very appetizing red beet paste and pickles. Even people who ..

2.81 $ Ex Tax: 2.81 $

Beef pâté 250g

Enjoy the delicious and very useful pâté of first-class fresh Bulgarian beef and veal liver, elegant..

4.38 $ Ex Tax: 4.38 $

Fried eggplant in tomato sauce with quince

A real adventure for the senses is the overflowing flavors of exotic aubergine, delicious pepper, ar..

2.25 $ Ex Tax: 2.25 $

Chick peas and roasted pepper

The paste is made from organic products in a home-made recipe and with a technology that preserves a..

2.81 $ Ex Tax: 2.81 $

Pheasant terrine with hazelnuts

Spicy and tasty by nature: a nice way to savour game meat. TIPS FOR USE A gourmet terr..

12.30 $ Ex Tax: 12.30 $

Dried tomatoes in vegetable oil with bouquet of herbs

Traditional pickles and spicy appetizers open the appetite. If there is any inherent Bulgarian tradi..

3.93 $ Ex Tax: 3.93 $

Popped Chilli Peppers

There is no Bulgarian table that does not include spicy hot peppers. In addition to their spicy flav..

2.25 $ Ex Tax: 2.25 $

Pâté Aubergine with oregano and sunflower

Incredibly appetizing and exotic, the eggplant reminds of Oriental cuisine, rich in aromas and flavo..

2.81 $ Ex Tax: 2.81 $

Royal salad

They call this classic winter salad the pickle pickle because it's not just rich and tasty, but it's..

2.25 $ Ex Tax: 2.25 $

Chili peppers Fafferoni

Hot peppers of Fafferoni variety stimulate the senses and open the appetite to enjoy the rest of the..

2.25 $ Ex Tax: 2.25 $

Poped chilli peppers Ribki with garlic and dill

There is no bulgarian table that does not include spicy hot peppers. In addition to their spicy flav..

2.25 $ Ex Tax: 2.25 $

Homemade Pork Pâté 250g

The taste of first-class fresh Bulgarian pork and pork liver, pleasantly seasoned with garden herbs ..

3.82 $ Ex Tax: 3.82 $

Ropotamo salad

The unique taste of Ropotamo salad returns to childhood. Many have grown up with this rich and aroma..

3.37 $ Ex Tax: 3.37 $

Spicy chillies Na Horoto with honey

An irresistible delicious appetizer that flirts with the senses and excites the appetite with its sp..

3.37 $ Ex Tax: 3.37 $

Duck pâté with foie gras (25%)

Traditional French terrine with duck meat and 25% foie gras (duck liver). Super gourmet delic..

12.30 $ Ex Tax: 12.30 $

Pork jelly meat in own sauce 550g

Enjoy first class Bulgarian pork from animals living in a natural environment. The animals are house..

7.30 $ Ex Tax: 7.30 $