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Vase of clay "Colorful hedge"

Vase of clay without firing, decorated with tempera paints and lacquer. Dimensions: 13 cm / 8.5 ..

4.54 $ Ex Tax: 4.54 $

Decorative clay pot

Hand made decorative clay pot (without firing), decorated with tempera paints and lacquer. Dimens..

11.34 $ Ex Tax: 11.34 $

Троен свещник "Шевица"

Candlestick for three candles, made of clay without firing, decorated with tempera paints and lacque..

4.54 $ Ex Tax: 4.54 $

Clay martini glass "Dioni"

Clay martini glass with no firing. Decorated with tempera and laquer. ..

3.40 $ Ex Tax: 3.40 $

Clay vase "Passion"

Handmade clay vase made on a potter wheel. Fired and decorated with tempered paints and varnish. It'..

17.01 $ Ex Tax: 17.01 $