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Personal Care

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Children's protective face mask

Wash before use Designed for multiple use Adapts to the shape of the face, covers the nose an..

2.35 $ Ex Tax: 2.35 $

Aloe Vera Emergency Spray 400 ml - Emergency Spray

LR SOS Emergency Direct Action Spray with Aloe Vera, 400 ml Helps with: Insect bites; ..

26.36 $ Ex Tax: 26.36 $

Spray for emergency care Aloe Vera, 30 ml, for burns, bites, wounds

SOS 30 ml Emergency Direct Action spray with Aloe vera from LR Instantly refreshes, soothes, rest..

4.74 $ Ex Tax: 4.74 $

MSM Body Gel for Joint, Muscle & Varicose Veins Problems, Aloe Vera MSM

LR Multifunctional MSM Body Gel with Aloe Vera and Organic Sulfur for Joint Problems! HELPS W..

32.97 $ Ex Tax: 32.97 $

Serum with Salicylic acid 50 ml

Salicylic acid belongs to the so-called NA Acids/beta-hydroxyacids/and is the only one of this grou..

33.02 $ Ex Tax: 33.02 $

Emergency aid kit for skin Aloe Vera Box

LR Emergency aid Kit Aloe Vera Box for special Skin Care-Aloe Via The whole regenerating power of..

50.38 $ Ex Tax: 50.38 $

Aloe Vera Fast Acting Emergency Spray, 3 x 400 ml Triple Set

LR Aloe Vera Fast Acting Emergency Spray, Triple Set 3 x 400 ml Spray for soothing the skin, rapi..

72.60 $ Ex Tax: 72.60 $

Neck pain, waist cramps, aloe vera warming-up Thermo Lotion

Aloe Vera warming-up thermo lotion suitable for neck and waist cramps Relieves neck pain! ..

20.36 $ Ex Tax: 20.36 $

LR toothpaste MICROSILVER PLUS-75 ml.

- prevents the accumulation of tartar;- prevents caries formation;- prevents periodontal disease;- p..

11.16 $ Ex Tax: 11.16 $

Facial Cleansing Cream for face problem skin, MICROSILVER PLUS

LR Facial Cleansing Cream for face problem skin, MICROSILVER PLUS Confirmed efficacy against skin..

24.56 $ Ex Tax: 24.56 $

Serum with Salicylic acid 20 ml

The serum regulates the secretion of sebum from the skin, which reduces oiliness and the appearance..

25.21 $ Ex Tax: 25.21 $

Aloe Vera Box for special care

Useful for: Insect bites; Seborrhea, rosacea; Skin burns; Acne, pimples on the skin; Diabetic wound..

58.60 $ Ex Tax: 58.60 $

Nutritional Supplements Vetom 3 (capsules) improving the gut microflora

The healing effect is provided by the properties of the Bacteriophage Amyloliquefaciens, which, p..

21.61 $ Ex Tax: 21.61 $

Magic Bubbling Mask for facial cleansing & embellishment Aloe Vera, double set

LR Aloe Vera Magic bubbling Mask for radiant beautiful & clean skin, double set In large cities t..

45.52 $ Ex Tax: 45.52 $

After sun spray with rose oil, 200ml

DESCRIPTION Rossana After Sun Spray provides immediate relief from sunburn and sensitivity due to..

18.79 $ Ex Tax: 18.79 $

Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel-Concentrate 100 ML

Great action is available in diabetic wounds, acne, burns, insect bites and any skin problems! Woun..

20.35 $ Ex Tax: 20.35 $

Anti-HAIR LOSS Set | L-Recapin 1+1

F-Recapin® 1+1 from LR Suffer from hereditary hair loss? L-Recapin is the solution for men: the..

72.00 $ Ex Tax: 72.00 $

Tonic with Salicylic acid 125 ml

Action: It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, it has the ability to decomposes organi..

16.82 $ Ex Tax: 16.82 $

Shampoo against hair loss L-Recapin

Shampoo L-Recapin anti-hair loss Helps with hair loss! Strengthens the hair roots! ..

28.16 $ Ex Tax: 28.16 $

Aloe Vera Cream Concentrate for POWERFUL skin HYDRATION, double set

LR Cream Concentrate with 90% gel Aloe Vera for POWERFUL skin HYDRATION, double set This cream hy..

38.73 $ Ex Tax: 38.73 $

Aloe Vera Box for special care

CARE 206501. SPRAY FOR EMERGENCY CARE 150 ml 20605Universal product for comprehensive skin care. It ..

48.15 $ Ex Tax: 48.15 $

Magic Bubbling Mask for facial Cleansing & beautifying Aloe Vera

LR Aloe Vera Magic bubbling Mask for radiant beautiful and clean skin! In large cities the air is..

23.96 $ Ex Tax: 23.96 $

Aloe Vera Cream with Propolis for Cracked Hands & Petit

LR Aloe Vera Cream with Propolis for Cracked Hands & Petit Softens cracked hands, heels, legs. ..

25.16 $ Ex Tax: 25.16 $

Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel Concentrate, Double Set

Double Set Moisturizing Gel-Cream Concentrate with 90% Gel Aloe Vera LR • Secure hydration with 9..

38.73 $ Ex Tax: 38.73 $

Gel-Cream for Soothing Skin After Sun Aloe Vera

LR Gel-Cream for Sun Aloe Vera For all: Gel-cream for after sun! Soothes the skin after sun..

21.56 $ Ex Tax: 21.56 $