Orders Follow-up Manual

When your product is purchased through the platform and the payment is successfully confirmed, Chopni will forward the order to you for proceeding. This will happen through an update of the status of the order, made by Chopni. In this case, the status will be changed to PROCESSED, which is visible in the upper left corner of the order page.


Also, at this point, you will receive an email, which will inform you of the sale. This email is a confirmation of the received payment as well, which will be forwarded to the bank account you have specified, after successful completion of the order.


This is the time, when you must start completing the order. Each step you take will have to be noted in the “Order Status History”, as we strongly recommend you to include comments for better clarity.


Step 1

Processing – Setting the status at PROCESSING, according to the time you have specified you need for preparing the order.


Step 2

Shipped – Setting the status at SHIPPED and do not forget to add the tracking number in the comment field. The product must be sent in relevance with the chosen, by the customer, delivery option. Each order must be sent with a Warranty Card, invoice or a receipt and a Refund Form in English, which you can download and print out from here.


Step 3

Upon Receiving – Setting the status at COMPLETE. Verification by Chopni.com will follow (via the tracking number you have provided in the comment section of the order), to verify that the product has been received by the customer. This needs to be done in order to correctly count the 14-day period, in which the product can be returned.


Step 4

Refunding or exchanging of products – In the cases, when there is a dispute over the received product or a request for a refund or product exchange with another one, you can set the status to “refunded”, as it is necessary to include, as a comment, what action you have taken (refunded or exchanged).


After you have made each necessary change, you must save the changes as you click on “Change Order Status”.


If you still need to contact the customer due to any reason (please keep in mind our Community Rules and do not share any contact/ personal information) you can do it via the field “Start a New Conversation with Customer”. You may attach files, if necessary, from the button “Upload File”.