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Managing Orders Manual

Last Updated: 7 February 2020

When your product is purchased via the platform and the payment is successfully confirmed, Chopni will forward the order to you for proceeding. This will happen through an update of the status of the order, made by Chopni. In this case, the order status will be changed to "Payment Confirmed" or COD (Cash on Delivery), which will be visible in the top section of the order page. 


Also, at this point, you will receive an email, informing you of the sale.

When the payment has already been made by the customer, this email will be the confirmation of the received payment.

If the customer has chosen cash on delivery, this email does NOT confirm payment.


Now, you may start processing the order. Each stage is noted in the “Order Status History”.

From the "--Select New Status--" dropdown menu select:

Step 1

Processing – Set the status at PROCESSING, while you are preparing the order for shipping.
This will let the customer know you are currently working towards shipping it.
Keep your processing time to what you have stated in your Shop Settings.

Make sure you check if the customer has chosen cash on delivery or has already paid for the order.

Step 2

Shipped – Set the status at SHIPPED and provide a tracking number in the comment area on the left of the status.
The product must be sent in relevance with the chosen, by the customer, delivery option.
Each order must be sent with a Warranty Card (where applicable), invoice or a receipt and a Refund Form in English.
If you haven't got your own Return Form, you may download and print a copy from here.

Step 3

Completion – Set the status to COMPLETE once the customer has received their order.
If you fail to finalize the order upon collection by the customer, the funds will also be held until such times that you finalize it and the two-week period passes.
If the order has been sent out using the cash on delivery payment, and you fail to complete it after the customer has collected it, the system will automatically complete it in accordance with the delivery settings of your shop.

That's it. Once you have completed the order, you can expect the amount to be reflected in your Finances in accord with our Payout Manual.

Refunding or exchanging of products
In the cases, when there is a dispute over the received product or a request for a refund or product exchange with another one, you are to set the status to “refunded”.
For better clarity, include a comment indicating your exact actions. For help, contact us.

If the order has been made via cash on delivery, and the customer has requested to return it, you must refund the amount. To avoid owing any commission on such orders, make sure to set the order status to "Canceled".

After you have completed each step, you must save the changes (every time) by clicking on “Change Order Status”.

If you still need to contact* the customer you can do it via the field “Start a New Conversation with Customer”.
You may attach files, if necessary, using the “Upload File” button.
*Please keep in mind our Community Rules and do not share any contact or personal information.