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100% pure, efficient, organically certified double extract of Reishi powder for 150 intake


Called 'The Herb of Immortality' and 'The Queen of Fungi', Reishi is an exclusive medical mushroom. Traditional Oriental medicine, where it has been used for centuries, considered it a 'higher' herb because of its numerous curative effects. It has been erected in a cult and deified as a celestial power. Even today, many naturopathy continue to consider it one of the best means for a long and healthy life. NUTRI-FUNGI ROYAL DOUBLE EXTRACT OF REISHI POWDER is 100% organic certified double extract, in the form of easy to use powder, with high content of active ingredients. Thanks to this, its recommended daily dose is only 1-2 grams, and the package is sufficient for 150 intake (minimum 75 days).



• Improving the immune system

• Antitumor activity

• Positive action on the cardio-vascular system

• To support liver function

• Fighting fatigue and depression

• Lowering your blood sugar

• Antioxidant action


Bioactive compounds in the Reishi extract

Ganoderma lucidum, the so-called. Mushroom Reishi, has a wide spectrum of beneficial effect on health. It is due to the two main groups of bioactive compounds: polysaccharides and triterpenes. Polysaccharides are simply said to be a type of sugar chain and as such are soluble in water. The other group of Bioactive substances – triterpenes (or triterpenes), have a fat-like structure and are soluble in ethanol.

Fungi grown predominantly on a grain substrate are rich in alpha-glucans. In contrast, those grown on a wooden substrate are rich in beta-glucans. So far, science has proven that for our immune systems, the best are 1-3, 1-6 beta-D-glucans. I.e:

• Beta-D-glucans are a type of polysaccharides

• Polysaccharides may contain beta-D-glucans but not necessarily

• Only 1-3, 1-6 beta-D-glucans have a potent effect on our immune system

Triterpenite in Reishi also come in growing on a tree or wood substrate. Therefore, if the mushrooms are cultivated on a grain, they do not have to triterpenes or they will be in a minimum quantity.

The fruit bodies of the Reishi mushroom used for NUTRI-FUNGI ROYAL DOUBLE EXTRACT OF REISHI POWDER have been bred on a limited wood substrate of Linden. This double substrate is therefore rich in 1-3, 1-6 beta-D-glucans and Triterpenes.

Action of Reishi Extract

Scientific research has shown that one of the most important effects of Reishi is that it can stimulate the immune system. The fungus increases the activity of a kind of white blood cells called natural killer cells. They in turn fight infection and cancer in the body. In addition, Reishi may increase the number of other white blood cells-lymphocytes. Studies have shown the positive action of the fungus in the combined treatment of breast, prostate, colorectal and colorectal cancers in colon tumors. The fungus is a natural plant agent, which can be beneficial in antitumor therapy and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and irradiation.

Besides influencing the immune system, Reishi can reduce anxiety and depression, as well as improve quality of life. It leads to a decrease in fatigue, headaches and irritability.

Scientific studies prove that due to its high content of Triterpenes Reishi has a positive impact on high blood pressure, circulatory disorders and atherosclerosis. It also helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Reishi also exhibits hepatoprotective properties, improving the health of the liver and supporting the natural processes of detoxification in the body. It is considered a detoxifying herb because it also helps to protect the kidneys – the second most important organ for detox after the liver.

Why NUTRI-FUNGI Royal Double extract Powder from Reishi

NUTRI-FUNGI Extract powder from Reishi is 'double'. Initially the fruit bodies of Reishi pass through water extraction and then through the spirit. This allows to extract both types of bioactive compounds – polysaccharides and triterpenes to make the extract high quality and effective.

In nature Reishi grows on trees. NUTRI-FUNGI use organically grown on trunks of linden fruit bodies of Ganoderma lucidum, not mycelium, which is the right extract of their powder, extremely rich in bioactive substances.

NUTRI-FUNGI ROYAL DOUBLE EXTRACT OF REISHI POWDER is 100% pure, efficient, organically certified double extract powder from 150 g. The packaging is sufficient for 5-month intake at the minimum daily dose.


We suggest you start with a dose of 1-2 grams per day to feel how it works for you.

Some people prefer to take the Reishi extract directly and swallow it with water or other liquid. Others prefer to add the Reishi extract to shakes, smoothies, hot drinks and soups or sprinkle it on a breakfast cereal. You can include it in any recipe. As the tastes differ, we advise you to try and find the most suitable method for you.


Stock: 100% Organic Double mushroom extract Reishi/Ganoderma lucidum/


Packaging: 150 g


Keep tightly closed, in a dark and cool place.


* NUTRI-FUNGI Royal double extract of Reishi powder is not a drug and cannot be used as a substitute for the medication prescribed by your treating physician. The product does not replace a healthy and balanced diet.

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