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100% pure, efficient, organically certified double extract powder from Chaga mushroom for 75 accepts


The organic, highly concentrated NUTRI-FUNGI ROYAL DOUBLE EXTRACT POWDER FROM CHAGA MUSHROOM is what you need if you want to balance your metabolism and slow down the aging processes. It is known that the Chaga mushroom has got the highest concentration of antioxidants and it is not called 'King of Mushrooms'. It improves endurance and life expectancy, and also fights fatigue, influenza and even hangover.


While Reishi is known as the 'Queen of Fungi', then the Chaga mushroom can be named 'King of Mushrooms' as many positive effects on health. Some of them are:


• Improve metabolism

• Positive effects on the cardiovascular system

• To support liver function

• Improving digestion

• Delay in ageing

• Energizing action

• Anti-inflammatory effect

• Antibacterial action

• Antiviral action

• Antitumor activity

• Antioxidant action

Chaga mushroom-History and facts

The Chaga mushroom, known as Inonotus obliquus in the scientific literature, is perhaps one of the most powerful medical mushrooms known so far. It grows on the bangs and in appearance strongly resembles their crust. Besides, her fruit body is solid. Therefore, it is generally considered unedible. But this does not apply to the indigenous peoples of Siberia. Like other communities that live in close association with their natural habitat, the Siberian tribes recognize and use the fungus in their daily diet. The earliest data on its use date back to the 16th century as a source of valuable nutrients.


After numerous researches, conducted mostly in the last 50 years, become known bioactive components, to which the Chaga mushroom owes its incredible impact:

• Polysaccharides – Contains high levels of 1-3, 1-6 beta-D-glucans that stimulate the immune system

• Triterpenes-have strong anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties. They are the main compounds in the Chaga mushroom and are subject to ethanol extraction

• Polyphenols – have antioxidant properties. This group of active substances is the main cause of Chaga Mushroom's reputation to slow down the aging process.

Classical use of the Chaga mushroom
• Tea from the Chaga mushroom – it is prepared from ground fruit bodies, which are boiled continuously on slow fire. This is the easiest and most popular method of use and is a simple aqueous extraction through which the polysaccharides from the fungus is extracted. This tea was used as a disinfectant, mostly for washing babies after childbirth. This should not surprise us, because besides boiled, the water from the Chaga mushroom is rich in compounds with antifungal and antibacterial action.

• Spirit Tincture – Another popular method of use for the fungus is pouring it with alcohol, for example, vodka. People have found that the use of tincture helps relieve aches, faster healing and better concentration.

• Food product – ground fruit bodies are added to soups and pulses, giving a pleasant, slightly sweetish taste and making the dish curative.

At present, the use of the Chaga mushroom in any of the classic ways is more difficult to reach. The prepared standardized extracts allow to benefit from the beneficial effects of the fungus quickly and comfortably.

Why NUTRI-FUNGI Royal Double extract powder from Chaga mushroom

NUTRI-FUNGI ROYAL DOUBLE EXTRACT POWDER FROM CHAGA mushroom is 100% pure, efficient, organically certified double extract powder from 75 g. The packaging is sufficient for 2.5-month intake at the minimum daily dose.

The dual extraction allows to extract both water-soluble compounds (polysaccharides) and water-insoluble active ingredients such as triterpenes and sterols. Thus, the double extract provides the full range of useful qualities of the chaga mushroom.

Another important condition for a good extract of medicinal mushrooms is the high quality of the raw mushrooms. NUTRI-FUNGI Use only organically cultivated, hand-harrows of fruit bodies of the chaga mushroom, from which to obtain a completely natural and high content of nutrients extract. NUTRI-FUNGI Ensure that their extract does not have any additives, including starch and grains.

Some companies use mycelium extract, which, however, has a lower content of 1, 3-1, 6-beta-D-Glucans, Diterfoams, triterpenes and other useful substances compared to the fruit bodies. NUTRI-FUNGI extracts are obtained only from the fruit bodies and do not contain any mycelium.


NUTRI-FUNGI offer only highly effective organic certified extracts. They are rich in important bioactive ingredients and are very easy to use.

We suggest you start with a dose of 1-3 grams per day to feel how it works for you.

Some people prefer to take the Chaga mushroom extract directly and swallow it with water or other liquid. Others prefer to add the Chaga mushroom extract to smoothies, smoothies, hot drinks and soups or sprinkle it on breakfast cereal. You can include it in any recipe. As the tastes differ, we advise you to try and find the most suitable method for you.

We recommend that you take the extract over the straight half of the day because the Chaga mushroom has an energizing effect. In addition, fungi act as a prebiotics for good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is good to take the extract either in the morning on an empty stomach or between main meals.


Stock: 100% organic Double sponge extract chaga mushroom/Inonotus obliquus/


Packing: Glass jar 75 g


Keep tightly closed, in a dark and cool place.


* NUTRI-FUNGI Royal Double extract powder from the Chaga mushroom is not a drug and cannot be used as a substitute for the medication prescribed by your doctor. The product does not replace a healthy and balanced diet.

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