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Natural & Bio

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Herbal Tincture Stavixin for problems with the locomotory system

100% natural product for joint, back, neck, and back pain The food additive - Stavixin tincture h..

15.58 $ Ex Tax: 15.58 $

Herbal tincture Health for gastrointestinal tract

How would you feel if you had abdominal and colic swelling every day, alternating constipation with ..

14.46 $ Ex Tax: 14.46 $

100% NATURAL HERBAL OINTMENT VENEGREEN for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, wounds

Ointment Venigreen removes superficial varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids..

15.69 $ Ex Tax: 15.69 $

Compress with Pomorie Lye and JUNIPER

Compress with Pomorie Lye and JUNIPER Active ingredients:Stabilized Black Sea lye and natural essent..

1.72 $ Ex Tax: 1.72 $

Copper ayurvedic scraper for tongue

Made in India Cleaning the language is one of the basic yoga techniques, it is easy to implemen..

4.01 $ Ex Tax: 4.01 $

Herbal Tincture Longevity for the rehabilitation of type 1, 2 diabetes, prediabetes

How to help if you have diagnosed "type 2 diabetes, type 1 or prediabetes?"Are you tired of the many..

13.34 $ Ex Tax: 13.34 $

White wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), 100 organic essential oil 20 ml.

> white wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), 100% organic essential oil> Origin Bulgaria, Natura 2000, E..

9.74 $ Ex Tax: 9.74 $

Spray for emergency care Aloe Vera-Emergency Spray

LR SOS Emergency Direct Action spray with Aloe vera Helps with: Insect bites; Skin bu..

25.17 $ Ex Tax: 25.17 $

5в1 Beauty Elixir 5 doses, LR Lifetakt

LR Beauty Elixir 5 in 1 (5 doses) For those who wish to try out the taste of the Elixir for 5 day..

31.47 $ Ex Tax: 31.47 $

Drinking gel aloe vera with nettle to cleanse and improve metabolism

LR Aloe vera gel for drinking with nettle in high blood and cholesterol, triple set Useful bevera..

118.61 $ Ex Tax: 118.61 $

Peeling glove from natural silk RAYA-natural exfoliation

  Produced by a company with extensive experience and leading position on the Balkan peninsula ..

3.44 $ Ex Tax: 3.44 $

Aloe Vera Fast Acting emergency spray, triple set

LR Aloe Vera Fast Acting emergency spray, triple set Spray to soothe the skin, rapid healing of w..

69.30 $ Ex Tax: 69.30 $

Herbal Tincture Venigreen for ussues wih the vascular system

Vinigreen Tincture is specially developed for people with problems with the vascular system: varicos..

12.22 $ Ex Tax: 12.22 $

Vitamin E walnut oil

100% NATURAL ORGANIC PRODUCTDescription:Nut walnut, composition:Palmitic acid: 6.0 - 8.0%Stearic aci..

14.46 $ Ex Tax: 14.46 $

5 in 1 Beauty Elixir for Youthful radiance (30 doses), 5 in 1 Beauty Elixir LR Lifetakt

LR Beauty Elixir 5-in-1 (30 doses)-for youthful appearance A new era of beauty begins! A mo..

166.18 $ Ex Tax: 166.18 $

Venigreen Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids Package

The pack for veins and hemorrhoids includes 1 pc. herbal tincture Venigrin / 50ml / and 100% organic..

33.86 $ Ex Tax: 33.86 $

Herb Damiana, Damiana (Turnera diffusa) 50, Damian, aphrodisiac

> Damiana, Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is a plant typical of Latin and South America.The > Medicinal p..

3.44 $ Ex Tax: 3.44 $

Drinking gel aloe vera with honey for the stomach, triple set

LR drinking gel aloe vera with honey for stomach, triple set Drink for STOMACH-gel aloe vera with..

104.26 $ Ex Tax: 104.26 $

Spray for emergency care Aloe Vera, 30 ml, for burns, bites, wounds

SOS 30 ml Emergency Direct Action spray with Aloe vera from LR Instantly refreshes, soothes, rest..

4.48 $ Ex Tax: 4.48 $

Emergency aid kit for skin Aloe Vera Box

LR Emergency aid Kit Aloe Vera Box for special Skin Care-Aloe Via The whole regenerating power of..

48.09 $ Ex Tax: 48.09 $

CBD Body relaxing balm - Canna Therapy

This Herbal Ointment is an exceptional remedy for: -Relieve muscle tension -Relieve tired feet -B..

31.39 $ Ex Tax: 31.39 $

GEL with Pomorie Lye 220 ml For rheumatism, Discoparias, radiculitis, arthritis

Active constituents: Black Sea lye, Black Sea minerals and microalgae; Mineral composition (300-350..

6.88 $ Ex Tax: 6.88 $

Body peeling for skin smoothing Raspberry Jelly

LR body Scrub to smooth skin Raspberry Jelly Peeling-jelly with fruity aroma of raspberry and rea..

12.32 $ Ex Tax: 12.32 $

Aloe Vera Soft Skin face & Body Cream

Gentle Face & Body cream LR Aloe Vera Soft Skin Rich, non-greasy face & Body Cream Hydrates..

12.90 $ Ex Tax: 12.90 $

Cream Aloe vera with Propolis for cracked hands and heels

LR Cream Aloe vera with Propolis for cracked hands and heels Softens cracked hands, heels, legs. ..

24.02 $ Ex Tax: 24.02 $