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Natural & Bio

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Herbal Tincture Stavixin for problems with the locomotory system

100% natural product for joint, back, neck, and back painThe food additive - Stavixin tincture ..

15.31 $ Ex Tax: 15.31 $

Herbal tincture Health for gastrointestinal tract

How would you feel if you had abdominal and colic swelling every day, alternating constipation with ..

14.21 $ Ex Tax: 14.21 $

Herbal Tincture Longevity for the rehabilitation of type 1, 2 diabetes, prediabetes

How to help if you have diagnosed "type 2 diabetes, type 1 or prediabetes?"Are you tired of the many..

13.11 $ Ex Tax: 13.11 $

Henna painting of temporary tattoos Prem Dulhan 1 cone

The cone is a cellophane cone full of ready-to-use natural henna paste and essential oils. To start ..

2.82 $ Ex Tax: 2.82 $

100% NATURAL HERBAL OINTMENT VENEGREEN for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, wounds

Ointment Venigreen removes superficial varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids..

15.42 $ Ex Tax: 15.42 $

Herbal Tincture Venigreen for ussues wih the vascular system

Vinigreen Tincture is specially developed for people with problems with the vascular system: varicos..

12.00 $ Ex Tax: 12.00 $

Victoria Bell’s Crystal Deodorant

The product is certified by the manufacturer. Country of origin: PRC Packaging: 120 gr. Victoria..

6.31 $ Ex Tax: 6.31 $

Rose water Fusion, 200ml

DESCRIPTION Rossana Rose Water is a 100% natural product infused with real Bulgarian rose petal e..

17.62 $ Ex Tax: 17.62 $

Herbal Tincture - Immune, to strengthen the immune system

100% natural herbal product to maintain good immunity!How many times a year are you suffering from i..

8.70 $ Ex Tax: 8.70 $

Black Sea lye 450 ml

  Black Sea lye 450 ml BLACK SEA LYE-Natural product, without preservative..

2.82 $ Ex Tax: 2.82 $

Ayan shampoo with Bulgarian lavender

Nourishing and recovering formula with essential oils for dry and damaged hair The shampoo provid..

7.71 $ Ex Tax: 7.71 $

Vitamin E walnut oil

100% NATURAL ORGANIC PRODUCTDescription:Nut walnut, composition:Palmitic acid: 6.0 - 8.0%Stearic aci..

14.21 $ Ex Tax: 14.21 $

Copper ayurvedic scraper for tongue

Made in India Cleaning the language is one of the basic yoga techniques, it is easy to implemen..

3.94 $ Ex Tax: 3.94 $

Venigreen Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids Package

The pack for veins and hemorrhoids includes 1 pc. herbal tincture Venigrin / 50ml / and 100% organic..

33.27 $ Ex Tax: 33.27 $

Peeling glove from natural silk RAYA-natural exfoliation

  Produced by a company with extensive experience and leading position on the Balkan peninsula ..

3.37 $ Ex Tax: 3.37 $

Toothpaste with Pomorie Lye 100 natural Product

Toothpaste with Pomorie lye 100% natural product Active constituents:Calcium glicerofosfag, Black..

3.25 $ Ex Tax: 3.25 $

Shampoo with Pomorie lye, clay and seaweed VITALITY 200 ml

Shampoo with Pomorie lye, clay and seaweed VITALITY Active constituents:Clay, Black Sea lye, seaw..

4.28 $ Ex Tax: 4.28 $

Massage oil from Black Sea lye with lavender

Massage oil from the Black Sea lye and lavender extract Massage oil with lye is used in joint pai..

7.71 $ Ex Tax: 7.71 $

Jala Neti Sweat, a cape for 200 ml.

> > Canichki are used in Ayurvedic medicine and eastern practicites for thousands of years to reliev..

4.51 $ Ex Tax: 4.51 $

CBD Hair Shampoo-Canna Therapy

When you feel the aroma of this shampoo, you will anticipate the experience that awaits you, but whe..

14.32 $ Ex Tax: 14.32 $

Nourishing body oil with Bulgarian lavender

Nourishing and soothing body oil blend with enchanting lavender and nurturing argan, macadamia and a..

11.00 $ Ex Tax: 11.00 $

Hair gel with seaweed and mallow extract VITALITY 200 ml-for oily hair and sensitive scalp

Hair gel with seaweed and mallow VITALITY extract. Active constituents:Mallow extract, seaweed ex..

5.07 $ Ex Tax: 5.07 $

Compress with Pomorie Lye and JUNIPER

Compress with Pomorie Lye and JUNIPER Active ingredients:Stabilized Black Sea lye and natural essent..

1.69 $ Ex Tax: 1.69 $

CBD Face Cream - Canna Therapy

Canna Therapy is a premium cosmetic product with Real Cannabis Extract ™, enriched with a unique com..

28.64 $ Ex Tax: 28.64 $

Cup Holder The flower of life-a set of 6 pieces

>beautifully crafted cup holders with the symbol of the flower of life.>They are practical for every..

5.63 $ Ex Tax: 5.63 $