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sell worldwide

Register your Chopni shop on the platform and reach
new markets and thousands of new customers every day.

*No monthly or registration fees.

we give you more


You get unlimited free space for uploading products.


It is easy to register your Chopni shop and to create your own image by adding logo, banner and tell your customers more about yourself.


You have access to 3 language versions of the platform and you have the opportunity to auto-translate your products descriptions.


We help your bussiness grow and reach new markets and customers every day.


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Merchants, craftsmen and manufacturers who:

  • haven't got an online shop but want to sell online;

  • have an online shop and want to expand it;
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Connect your Chopni shop with the website You already have running. This way, You will be able to upload all of your products (or part of them) automatically, along with all quantities, images, descriptions and prices, which will then be updated daily.
We support integration via: Shopify, Open Cart, WordPress, (WooCommerce), XML.

*We are constantly working towards adding to this list. If you don't see Your site's platform, You can contact us.

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analyze everything

Optimize Your shop and promotions, create a strategy, and bring Your products to the top positions of Chopni Marketplace. Use our shop analytics panel to easily track Your most successful products, see from what sources and countries Your traffic comes, whether people add Your products to their carts, and many other features that will help You analyze the results from Your shop.

You also get free access to an online assistan, which will analyze the results of Your shop, giving You personlized advice on how to optimize it.

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What is needed to
sell as a seller on

Register a shop

*No monthly or registration fees.

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Register Your shop

Register Your Seller's account easily.

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Add information

Add the neccesary information and create your own image by adding a logo, banner and tell your customers a little bit about yourself.

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The information You have provided is verified and approved, after which you can upload your products.

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Upload products

Each product You have for sale, may have several images, video, options and detailed description.

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Send the received orders. The required client information You can find in Your Seller's profile.

Register a shop

*No monthly or registration fees.

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On Chopni Marketplace the customers can pay for their orders via bank cards and transfers, PayPal, EasyPay and The payments go into Chopni's system. After the regulated period passes, the money is then paid to the sellers reduced by the commission. All transactions are secure. An invoice is always issued for the commission we keep.

*For more information read HERE.

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* from realized sales
  • space for unlimited products;
  • possibility for integration;
  • reports in the shop;
  • all payment methods;
  • marketing tools;
  • chatting with customers;
  • 2 recommended products;
  • access to a shop window;
  • access to analytics panel;
  • account manager consultations;
  • chat, email and phone support;


For each realized sale, through the platform, Chopni Marketplace gets a commission. This commission is a % from the price of the sold product, without any other fees and subscriptions. An invoice is then being issued for the received commission.

Register a shop

*No monthly or registration fees.

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  • Chopni is an additional channel for profits.
  • You only pay commission when You realize a sale.
  • No monthly or registration fees.
  • Access to three language versions.
  • You upload unlimited products.
  • Access to analitics to aid Your success.
  • You become a part of a fast-growing community with sellers (marketplace).
  • We are constantly optimizing and upgrading the design and the features of the platform.
  • Possibility of including Your products in marketing campaigns.
  • Possiblity to integrate and automate Your shop.


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  • Do I have to have a company?
  • To sell on Chopni Marketplace, You don't have to have a company.
  • May I sell used goods?
  • You can only sell new products on our platform.
  • May I offer services?
  • You can only sell products on Chopni Marketplace.
  • How long before my shop is active?
  • Each shop undergoes through a period of verification by the account managers on the platform. The time which this may take is up to 2 working days after all the required shop information has been submitted properly.
  • Are there any fees, which I must pay?
  • To sell on Chopni Marketplace You don't pay any fees, instead you only pay a commission after a realized sale.
  • Where does the money go when there is a sale?
  • When a client pays for an order, the money is stored in the Chopni Marketplace system. After the regualted period of time passes, it is transfered to the seller's bank account reduced by the commission.
  • Do you work with pay-upon-receival deliveries?
  • Chopni Marketplace customers may pay for their orders via bank cards and transfers, PayPal, EasyPay and
  • Who delivers the orders?
  • The delivery is done by the sellers.