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Star-shaped Multicolor Rhinestone Earrings

Star-shaped Multicolor Rhinestone Stud Earrings Golden color Silicone stud fastening Size: ..

11.30 $ Ex Tax: 11.30 $

Free Shipping

Multicolor round ornaments and rhinestone earrings in golden

Beautiful sparkling vintage blue and green round ornaments rhinestone earrings in gold color. Sil..

14.70 $ Ex Tax: 14.70 $

Free Shipping

Dor- Dis Earrings "Magic in Red"

When we have to emphasize our style or finish our image elegantly, beautifully and elegantly, we can..

18.09 $ Ex Tax: 18.09 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Magic in Blue"

A confident woman can skillfully show to others that she is comfortable in her skin. Such a woman on..

18.09 $ Ex Tax: 18.09 $

Earrings "Shevitza"

The Bulgarian embroidery in traditional Bulgarian costumes and costumes is one of our most precious ..

10.17 $ Ex Tax: 10.17 $

Dor- Dis Yellow Earrings "Sunny waterfall"

Beautiful new temptation by Dor-Dis. Earrings full of  joy and emotions, earrings that inspire femin..

29.39 $ Ex Tax: 29.39 $

Leather earrings "Dažbog" in red

  Daždbog is a Slavic God who gives life to the earth, because he was also the god of the sun (so..

10.17 $ Ex Tax: 10.17 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Royal turquoise"

The Dor -Dis designer has created unique "Royal Turquoise" earrings for you. It is not an accident t..

27.13 $ Ex Tax: 27.13 $

Earrings made of coral and steel -10%

Earrings made of coral and steel

Earrings made of coral and steel Love & Life jewelry are hand-made with lots of love. Each model ..

22.61 $ 20.35 $ Ex Tax: 20.35 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "White Story"

A confident woman is a confident woman and skillfully shows to others that she is sure of her femini..

18.09 $ Ex Tax: 18.09 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Green Crystal Sun"

The dazzling earrings "Green Crystal Sun" rank first in the "Most Popular Jewelry for 2018" ranking...

22.61 $ Ex Tax: 22.61 $

Designer Model Earrings

Designer model Earrings. All handmade from high quality materials-silk ropes and crystal stones, acc..

28.26 $ Ex Tax: 28.26 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Flower of the emerald"

Hand made with love, our new earrings "Flower of the emerald" are some amazing decorations. Fine cra..

28.26 $ Ex Tax: 28.26 $

Cleopatra Earrings

Earrings Cleopatra-small, hanging jewelry with a metal base, rhinestones, beads, sequins and pearls...

2.26 $ Ex Tax: 2.26 $

Earrings "Small purple Dress"

A set of strings with purple beads in the shape of a tassel and gold clasp. When you need to emph..

20.35 $ Ex Tax: 20.35 $