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Victoria Bells SB 439 Magnetic Bracelet

  A world of unrivaled beauty and true health! See more information on action and application ..

64.25 $ Ex Tax: 64.25 $

Handmade multicolor beads bracelet

A beautiful handmade bracelet, made of pink, blue, white, golden and translucent big and small beads..

17.06 $ Ex Tax: 17.06 $

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Magnetic Jewelery Bracelet Victoria Bells Sb 440

  The pursuit of a person towards health and beauty leads to the creation of our new products - m..

64.25 $ Ex Tax: 64.25 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet "Metal Braid"

The golden color is a symbol of brilliance, style and class. It has the power to make you bright a..

23.88 $ Ex Tax: 23.88 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet "Universe"

The bracelet is part of our new collection "The most liked jewelery for 2018". Do not miss to buy ou..

9.10 $ Ex Tax: 9.10 $

Red Garnet Bracelet

Garnet is a symbol of perseverance, loyalty, devotion, faith and power. The red garnet excites sexua..

38.67 $ Ex Tax: 38.67 $

Bracelet of mother of pearl

Mother of Pearl is a symbol of purity and tenderness.It helps with developing the intuition. The ..

26.16 $ Ex Tax: 26.16 $

Turquoise Bracelet

According to the legends, the Crusaders met the mineral in Turkey and therefore called it Turquoise...

38.67 $ Ex Tax: 38.67 $

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Dor- Dis Bracelet "Wonderful Sigh"

Dor-Dis make bracelets for every ladies whim. In this case the new bracelet is made in a very beauti..

13.65 $ Ex Tax: 13.65 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet "The Power of Life"

Dor-Dis's designer strives to create models for every taste. In this case, our new bracelet "The Pow..

15.92 $ Ex Tax: 15.92 $

Bracelet made of steel and luminous crystals

Handmade bracelet made of steel with luminous crystals that absorb daylight and glow in the dark. Al..

68.23 $ Ex Tax: 68.23 $

Victoria Bells SB 473 Magnetic bracelets

All Victoria Bells products are manufactured as a symbol of high quality and efficiency. These are o..

63.91 $ Ex Tax: 63.91 $

Necklace with Pendant Steel Knife and Bracelet - UNISEX Set

Handmade necklace and bracelet with Natural Stones - Onyx Matt (8mm and 10mm) and Hematite (8mm). ..

39.69 $ Ex Tax: 39.69 $

Graceful and exquisite handmade macrame bracelet with beads

Braided macrame bracelets, suitable for young and beautiful girls as well as for ladies with a young..

6.82 $ Ex Tax: 6.82 $

Genuine Leather Bracelet "Rose"

This bracelet has unique design, and is cut from the finest natural leather. You'll make everyone..

17.06 $ Ex Tax: 17.06 $