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Violin gift, Wood carving violin, violin love, Carving Wall Violin

Violin wood carving , Carving Wall ,Hand made violin, the perfect Wedding and Aniversary gift. To..

62.55 $ Ex Tax: 62.55 $

Love Linden Wood-Panel

Ideal for your significant other, mother or someone close to your heart. Give the gift of love! M..

4 549.00 $ Ex Tax: 4 549.00 $

Atom Linden Wood-Panel

A representation of the atom, the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter. Every solid, liquid,..

341.17 $ Ex Tax: 341.17 $

Phoenix wood carving

Phoenix Carving Wall, Phoenix bird Hand made, Wooden Phoenix bird Оriginal wood carving, untradit..

67.10 $ Ex Tax: 67.10 $

Wood carved Sculpture Bulgaria"

Wood Sculpture "Bulgaria"  Made out of a basswood trunk Size: 29/25 cm Colour: Walnut ..

136.47 $ Ex Tax: 136.47 $

St. Menas - woodcarved icon Protector of Travellers

Woodcarved Made of Walnut St. Menas protects the home and the family, guards people who are on..

125.10 $ Ex Tax: 125.10 $

Guardian Angel -pano Linden Wood-Panel

Linden Wood-Panel Ideal for a final accent of any room. Perfect as a gift for someone special or ..

1 364.70 $ Ex Tax: 1 364.70 $

I love you Mom! Linden Wood-Panel

What better way to express the feeling you can only feel towards the woman who gave birth to you and..

852.94 $ Ex Tax: 852.94 $

Griffin Linden Wood-Panel

Griffin or Gryphon is a mythical creature with the body, tale and back legs of a lion and the head, ..

2 160.77 $ Ex Tax: 2 160.77 $

Pianist Linden Wood-Panel

This cute woodcarving will cheer anyone up! A duck walking on top of a piano keyboard - an unexpecte..

1 023.52 $ Ex Tax: 1 023.52 $

Guardian angel-fiery Linden Woodcarving

Abstract woodcarved statuette for decorating any room. Match your home interior with your inner thou..

1 080.39 $ Ex Tax: 1 080.39 $

Spring woodcarving mini sculpture

Abstract woodcarved mini sculpture to celebrate the long-awated spring. Match your home interior ..

796.07 $ Ex Tax: 796.07 $

Woodcarving "Sun"

Hand-made carpentry of linden wood Dimentions: diameter-42см (16.5'') ..

34.12 $ Ex Tax: 34.12 $

Tiger's Head Woodwork

Woodcarving, The head of the tiger. Size: 27/22/9 cm Made of basswood Color: Walnut ..

284.31 $ Ex Tax: 284.31 $

I love you Linden Wood-Panel

Beautiful scene with two Eurasian Blue Tits. Reminds of the small gestures that make it all worthwhi..

852.94 $ Ex Tax: 852.94 $