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WISPER BY THE SEA Embossed Painting

PAINTING - PANELPainting with embossed elementsTechnique - Cold PorcelainSize - 52 x 37 ..

40.00€ Ex Tax: 40.00€

Panel "Piece of Heaven"

The pannel is a harmonious and inspirational interaction between wood and paint.The wood gives a..

7.00€ Ex Tax: 7.00€

Pane for wall "Deer"

Wall panel painted with colored pencils, tempera paints, in frame, knitted from paper.Dimensions..

7.00€ Ex Tax: 7.00€

Love Linden Wood-Panel

Ideal for your significant other, mother or someone close to your heart. Give the gift of love!M..

4000.00€ Ex Tax: 4000.00€

Atom Linden Wood-Panel

A representation of the atom, the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter. Every solid, liquid,..

300.00€ Ex Tax: 300.00€

Wall panel Dobermann

Decorative color wall painting, painted with colored pencils, placed on a frame, woven from paper. D..

14.00€ Ex Tax: 14.00€

Guardian Angel -pano Linden Wood-Panel

Linden Wood-PanelIdeal for a final accent of any room. Perfect as a gift for someone special or ..

1200.00€ Ex Tax: 1200.00€

Supernova Linden Wood-Panel

Ideal for a final touch of any room. Perfect as a gift for a close friend or even a gift to yourself..

1200.00€ Ex Tax: 1200.00€

I love you Mom! Linden Wood-Panel

What better way to express the feeling you can only feel towards the woman who gave birth to you and..

750.00€ Ex Tax: 750.00€

Galaxy M81 Linden Wood-Panel

Galaxy Messier 81 is a spiral galaxy aproximately 12 million light years away. Due to its close dist..

1600.00€ Ex Tax: 1600.00€

Griffin Linden Wood-Panel

Griffin or Gryphon is a mythical creature with the body, tale and back legs of a lion and the head, ..

1900.00€ Ex Tax: 1900.00€

Flight Linden Wood-Panel

An eagle in midflight There are no borders for it and he can fly whereever the wind points to. It ha..

750.00€ Ex Tax: 750.00€

Pianist Linden Wood-Panel

This cute woodcarving will cheer anyone up! A duck walking on top of a piano keyboard - an unexpecte..

900.00€ Ex Tax: 900.00€

Infinity Linden Woodcarving

Two galaxies in harmony of the contact-colorful wood-fiber-linden.   ..

750.00€ Ex Tax: 750.00€

Mermaid Linden Woodcarving Panel

Abstract woodcarved panel for hanging on a wall in any room. Match your home interior with your inne..

850.00€ Ex Tax: 850.00€