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Whirlwind Linden Woodcarving

Abstract woodcarved statuette decorating any room with. Match your home interior with your inner tho..

1078.82 $ Ex Tax: 1078.82 $

Milky Way Galaxy Linden Wood-Panel

Milky Way Galaxy is the Galaxy that contains out Solar System. The name "Milky" comes from the way w..

1798.04 $ Ex Tax: 1798.04 $

Harmony-2 Linden Wood-Panel

Impression of Harmony.  Abstract woodcarved panel for hanging on a wall in any room. Match your h..

1460.90 $ Ex Tax: 1460.90 $

Guardian angel-fiery Linden Woodcarving

Abstract woodcarved statuette for decorating any room. Match your home interior with your inner thou..

1067.58 $ Ex Tax: 1067.58 $

Galaxy M81 Linden Wood-Panel

Galaxy Messier 81 is a spiral galaxy aproximately 12 million light years away. Due to its close dist..

1798.04 $ Ex Tax: 1798.04 $

Infinity Linden Woodcarving

Two galaxies in harmony of the contact-colorful wood-fiber-linden.   ..

842.83 $ Ex Tax: 842.83 $

Custom made door sign with your own text woodcarved and engraved linden wood plaque

Design your own wall or door plaque. Invite all your guests with a beautiful and original sign. ..

23.60 $ Ex Tax: 23.60 $

Harmony Linden Wood-Panel

Made of linden (Basswood). Finished by wax coating. Ideal for a final accent of any room. Perfect..

955.21 $ Ex Tax: 955.21 $

Two Lionesses Drinking Water Linden Wood-Panel

Lionesses drinking water. Great gift for a close friend or a relative. Or even a gift for your home...

1011.39 $ Ex Tax: 1011.39 $


HANDMADE LINDEN WOOD LION HEAD SIZE: 14 x 22 CM (5.5" x 4.7'') ..

16.86 $ Ex Tax: 16.86 $

Love Code Linden Wood-Panel

Great decoration for any room. Abstract and beautiful. Make someone happy with this surprise! The..

3596.07 $ Ex Tax: 3596.07 $

Siberian Fox Linden Wood-Panel

The Russian Red Fox (Siberian Fox) is the product of many years of genetic experimenting. It was bre..

337.13 $ Ex Tax: 337.13 $

Spring woodcarving mini sculpture

Abstract woodcarved mini sculpture to celebrate the long-awated spring. Match your home interior ..

786.64 $ Ex Tax: 786.64 $

I love you Linden Wood-Panel

Beautiful scene with two Eurasian Blue Tits. Reminds of the small gestures that make it all worthwhi..

842.83 $ Ex Tax: 842.83 $

God's Eye-2 Linden Wood-Panel

God's eye, always overlooking us and guiding us in the right direction.  Great if you want to mak..

5618.86 $ Ex Tax: 5618.86 $