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Supernova Linden Wood-Panel

Ideal for a final touch of any room. Perfect as a gift for a close friend or even a gift to yourself..

1 371.51 $ Ex Tax: 1 371.51 $

Galaxy M81 Linden Wood-Panel

Galaxy Messier 81 is a spiral galaxy aproximately 12 million light years away. Due to its close dist..

1 828.69 $ Ex Tax: 1 828.69 $

Flight Linden Wood-Panel

An eagle in midflight There are no borders for it and he can fly whereever the wind points to. It ha..

857.20 $ Ex Tax: 857.20 $

Infinity Linden Woodcarving

Two galaxies in harmony of the contact-colorful wood-fiber-linden.   ..

857.20 $ Ex Tax: 857.20 $

Wood-carved Statuette Flame

Abstract woodcarved statuette in the shape of flame.  Ideal gift for a passionate friend, who has..

285.73 $ Ex Tax: 285.73 $

St. George the Victorious woodcarving

Wood carving - St. George the Victorious, handmade from lime-wood Dimensions: 30/40 cm. Color:..

800.05 $ Ex Tax: 800.05 $

Milky Way Galaxy Linden Wood-Panel

Milky Way Galaxy is the Galaxy that contains out Solar System. The name "Milky" comes from the way w..

1 828.69 $ Ex Tax: 1 828.69 $

God's Eye-3 Linden Wood-Panel

God is everywhere and he is always overlooking our deeds.  This woodcarved work is ideal for remi..

1 085.78 $ Ex Tax: 1 085.78 $

Harmony-2 Linden Wood-Panel

Impression of Harmony.  Abstract woodcarved panel for hanging on a wall in any room. Match your h..

1 485.81 $ Ex Tax: 1 485.81 $

Game Linden Wood-Panel

Two bear cubs playing, climbing a tree. Very cheerful and well-detailed woodwork. Ideal for decor..

800.05 $ Ex Tax: 800.05 $

Guardian angel-fiery Linden Woodcarving

Abstract woodcarved statuette for decorating any room. Match your home interior with your inner thou..

1 085.78 $ Ex Tax: 1 085.78 $

Saint George's wood carving

Handmade saint george's wood carving made of tilia tree material, covered with golden paint. Di..

34.29 $ Ex Tax: 34.29 $

Star Gateway Linden Wood-Panel

Made of linden wood. Coat-finished with wax. Give yourself an intergalactic trip. Great part of t..

971.49 $ Ex Tax: 971.49 $

Overwhelming Supernova Linden Wood-Panel

Abstract woodcarving impression of a Supernova. Overwhelming feeling of being lost, while looking at..

2 171.57 $ Ex Tax: 2 171.57 $

Whirlwind Linden Woodcarving

Abstract woodcarved statuette decorating any room with. Match your home interior with your inner tho..

1 097.21 $ Ex Tax: 1 097.21 $