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Dor- Dis Earrings "The shine of the ruby"

Elegant, designer, hand-made earrings with an accent of ruby-red crystals. We rely on a worldly appe..

20.42 $ Ex Tax: 20.42 $

Leather earrings "Black sun"

Leather earrings "Black sun"   The black sun has many mystical meanings, among them it is connec..

10.21 $ Ex Tax: 10.21 $

Macrame Seashell Bracelet

Braided macrame bracelets  in vintage style, reminiscent of seashells or of angel wings, too. Suitab..

13.61 $ Ex Tax: 13.61 $

Citrine Necklace

Crystal size - 15-23 mm. Length of the necklace - 65 cm. Love & Life jewelry are hand-made wit..

28.36 $ Ex Tax: 28.36 $

Leather jewelry set "Kupala"

Kupala Night is a Slavic celebration of ancient pagan origin marking the end of the summer solstice ..

29.49 $ Ex Tax: 29.49 $

Leather necklace "Triskele"

  Derived from the Greek word "Triskeles" meaning "three legs", the Triskele or Triple Spiral is ..

11.34 $ Ex Tax: 11.34 $

Necklace Nordic Skull

The skull in heraldry is called the bone-skull. His presentation can be as common figure in the shie..

13.61 $ Ex Tax: 13.61 $

A ring box with LED light marriage proposal box -15%

A ring box with LED light marriage proposal box

The box is made of oak, preserving the integrity of its bark. This way the product radiates a partic..

31.76 $ 27.00 $ Ex Tax: 27.00 $

Leather earrings "Dažbog" in red

  Daždbog is a Slavic God who gives life to the earth, because he was also the god of the sun (so..

10.21 $ Ex Tax: 10.21 $

Military Dog Tag of Stainless Steel - Dragon

Military Dog Tag from a stainless steel. It Is engraved with a dragon, flying in a background of col..

9.07 $ Ex Tax: 9.07 $

Bracelet of mountain crystal

Handmade bracelet made of mountain crystal. Crystal size - 12 mm. All Love&Life jewelry is charge..

68.06 $ Ex Tax: 68.06 $

"Gentle Delight" necklace

"Gentle Delight" is a wonderful compilation of style, refinement and elegance. Only at first glan..

31.76 $ Ex Tax: 31.76 $

Necklace "Perun"

The mighty slavic God of thunder  ..

11.34 $ Ex Tax: 11.34 $

Necklace "Pink magic"

Necklace "Pink magic" is an amazing high-quality craftsmanship stylishly unique to suit the lady who..

31.76 $ Ex Tax: 31.76 $

Handmade textile choker with magnetic fastener

Handmade textile choker with magnetic fastener. All Love & Life jewelry is loaded with the healing e..

28.36 $ Ex Tax: 28.36 $