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Dor- Dis Earrings “Non-Earth Crystals”

The accessory includes lovely SWAROVSKI crystals with stylish design and exquisite pendants in the f..

34.15 $ Ex Tax: 34.15 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Graceful Swan"

The earrings include irresistible and special beads in amazing shades of pink. We always keep up wit..

10.24 $ Ex Tax: 10.24 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Captivity"

The earrings capture consciousness and catch the eye with unusual looks, unsurpassed design, eleganc..

22.76 $ Ex Tax: 22.76 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet "Gentle sweetheart"

Made of a beautiful golden element in a gentle combination of green beads that  will make you notice..

10.24 $ Ex Tax: 10.24 $

Dor- Dis Necklace Green Happiness

The way you choose accessories is the way you present yourself to the world, especially these days ..

13.66 $ Ex Tax: 13.66 $

Dor- Dis Choker "Crystal Cross"

Women who possess class and radiance know that the best accessories that fit perfectly to their look..

13.66 $ Ex Tax: 13.66 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Paradise of Crystals"

We have placed an extraordinary variety of dazzling crystal-like beads in this magnificent and fasci..

31.87 $ Ex Tax: 31.87 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Pink Romance"

Romance earrings grab the eye and capture consciousness with exceptional design, impressive elegance..

10.24 $ Ex Tax: 10.24 $

Dor- Dis ''Royal Earrings''

The earrings are the perfect end to your new look. These include a metallic ornament with exquisite ..

18.21 $ Ex Tax: 18.21 $

Dor- Dis Goldish earrings with blue crystals

Immerse yourself in a world of bliss and luxury with our new blue crystal earrings. These include a ..

20.49 $ Ex Tax: 20.49 $

Dor- Dis Earrings with cross Swarovski

The earrings include two crosses with blue SWAROVSKI beads of crystal. The blue color embodies peopl..

27.32 $ Ex Tax: 27.32 $

"Magic of Sunrise" necklace

Amazing craftsmanship comprising a multitude of beads similar to pearls and shiny elements. Sunset ..

44.39 $ Ex Tax: 44.39 $

Dor- Dis Necklaces "Seasons of the Heart"

The Dor-Dis specialists have handmade a special necklace for you, featuring many beautifully blended..

22.76 $ Ex Tax: 22.76 $

Dor- Dis The "Sun in the Eyes"

Jewelry is an permannent part of styling, giving that touch of individuality, artistry and chic that..

5.69 $ Ex Tax: 5.69 $

Dor- Dis Necklace "Moonlight"

Style and fashion mood - all of this is combined in our necklace "Moonlight". It combines amazing p..

61.47 $ Ex Tax: 61.47 $