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Dor- Dis Bracelet "Wonderful Sigh"

Dor-Dis make bracelets for every ladies whim. In this case the new bracelet is made in a very beauti..

13.67 $ Ex Tax: 13.67 $

Macrame Seashell Bracelet

Braided macrame bracelets  in vintage style, reminiscent of seashells or of angel wings, too. Suitab..

13.67 $ Ex Tax: 13.67 $

Antique Silver Bracelet 925

Silver Bracelet (925) Designed to look like antique silver. 12.05 grams ..

102.51 $ Ex Tax: 102.51 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet “String of Beads”

The bracelet acts addictive. It engages you in the fashion world of jewelry and fills you with moo..

11.39 $ Ex Tax: 11.39 $

Victoria Bells SB 473 Magnetic bracelets

All Victoria Bells products are manufactured as a symbol of high quality and efficiency. These are o..

64.01 $ Ex Tax: 64.01 $

Genuine Leather Bracelet "Rose"

This bracelet has unique design, and is cut from the finest natural leather. You'll make everyone..

17.08 $ Ex Tax: 17.08 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet "Mood"

The bracelet acts addictive. It engages you in the fashion world of jewelry and fills you with a m..

22.78 $ Ex Tax: 22.78 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet with ruby crystals

We speak your language. We do everything we can to satisfy your every need. Do not doubt this. Be su..

13.67 $ Ex Tax: 13.67 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet Summer Memorial

Be refreshed and refined. Show class and beauty with our bracelet "Summer memory". It is made of am..

14.81 $ Ex Tax: 14.81 $

Necklace with Cross and Bracelet Gemstone New 2018

Handmade necklaces and bracelets with natural stones- Beads (Onyx,Lava, Hematite, Howlitе, etc.) Mad..

38.61 $ Ex Tax: 38.61 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet of metal "Martele"

The bracelet includes brilliant blue beads resembling to crystals and unusual metal Martelle. This..

11.39 $ Ex Tax: 11.39 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet "Crystal Sun"

Be bright, noticeable and special with our new addition, waiting for its owner - the bracelet "Cry..

18.22 $ Ex Tax: 18.22 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet “Marshmallow”

The bracelet brings charm and admiration. The combination of these bright and pied colors - pink and..

7.97 $ Ex Tax: 7.97 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet "Volcanic mystery"

This phenomenal bracelet has the ability to make you noticeable at any event, special, bright and ir..

9.11 $ Ex Tax: 9.11 $

Dor- Dis Bracelet "The Power of Life"

Dor-Dis's designer strives to create models for every taste. In this case, our new bracelet "The Pow..

15.95 $ Ex Tax: 15.95 $