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Eco Mopping Cleaning System

Cleaning system - a new generation product! Elegant rectangular bucket! Rotating drainage unit..

49.76 $ Ex Tax: 49.76 $

Microfiber cloth for polishing Stovi

STOVÌ is the first towel that dries instantly , without leaving streaks. Suitable for any kind of..

5.67 $ Ex Tax: 5.67 $

Ultramicrofiber cloth for cleaning grease Sgrasso

Captures the oil mark instantly, professional ultramicrofibre  derivation. How to use Use : wet ..

5.67 $ Ex Tax: 5.67 $

Sponge Gloves Dishwashing Kitchen Cleaning Household Clean Rubber Latex Hand Pop

Description: 100% brand new and high quality One hand scouring pad: The left hand is a regula..

8.79 $ Ex Tax: 8.79 $

Synthetic velvet for cleaning Pavimenti Extra

Synthetic shammy leather. Dries like a real leather. Does not leave streaks. ..

6.81 $ Ex Tax: 6.81 $

Ultramicrofiber cloth for cleaning glass surfaces Vetri

Utramicrofiber specific for glasses, mirrors and chrome that can remove dirt and grease even with on..

5.67 $ Ex Tax: 5.67 $

Microfiber cloth for dust cleaning Polvere

POLVERE is a special microfiber  with ” long hair ” . Each stroke removes dust from the surfa..

5.67 $ Ex Tax: 5.67 $

Microfiber cloth for floor cleaning Gress

GRES is an exceptional fabric fiber Poliattiva® that cleans and polishes  the tile floors , brick, m..

5.67 $ Ex Tax: 5.67 $

Ultramicrofiber cloth for cleaning glass surfaces Microblu Vetri


6.81 $ Ex Tax: 6.81 $

Cloth for floor cleaning Panno Comoscio

Floorcloth leatherlike fast running, excellent for any kind of floor. ..

2.84 $ Ex Tax: 2.84 $

Microfiber cloth for cleaning Inox Ultra

INOX ULTRA reduces the amount of detergent  normally used to obtain economic advatage and  harmony w..

5.67 $ Ex Tax: 5.67 $

Sponge for cleaning Kattiva

The innovation continues with reteattiva HD (heavy duty ) . The power of the flower. The hooks remo..

2.27 $ Ex Tax: 2.27 $

Microfiber cloth for cleaning Microtex Smart

MULTIPURPOSE MICROFIBRE Dry as a dust remover, dump to deep clean ..

1.13 $ Ex Tax: 1.13 $

Mop for floor cleaning Viscosa 260 gr.

Extra absorbent viscose Mop. Twisted stripes for more resistance. ..

6.81 $ Ex Tax: 6.81 $

Microperforated cloth for cleaning glass surfaces Extra Vetri

Excellent for glasses, does not leave streaks. ..

4.54 $ Ex Tax: 4.54 $