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St Menas Wood-carved Icon

Wood-carved icon of St. Menas Made of basswood trunk Sizes: 27/23/6cm. Color: walnut ..

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Engraved wooden amulet for car

Amulets are esoteric objects possessing supernatural power and protecting the owner's aura from evil..

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Mary and Jesus - Handmade Wood Carved Icon

Uniquely crafted, wood carved icon of Mary and Baby Jesus. Carefully crafted in the span of 6 mon..

171.44 $ Ex Tax: 171.44 $

3D Handmade Diamond Painting Religious Icon

Unique 3D Handmade Diamond Crossstitch Painting. Representing Mary holding Baby Jesus.  Brings peace..

171.44 $ Ex Tax: 171.44 $

St. Menas - woodcarved icon Protector of Travellers

Woodcarved Made of Walnut St. Menas protects the home and the family, guards people who are on..

125.72 $ Ex Tax: 125.72 $

Jesus Christ with the Apostles Peter and John Icon

Icon made through traditional technology: egg tempera on wooden panel, primer, gilding 23 #  dim..

205.73 $ Ex Tax: 205.73 $

Color engraving of "Virgin Mary and child Jesus" acc. East Ortodox Chirch traditions

Tag dimentions: 22x38x1.2 mm Weight: ~4,5 g Stainless steel, double side polished, Length o..

40.00 $ Ex Tax: 40.00 $

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St. George the Victorious woodcarving

Wood carving - St. George the Victorious, handmade from lime-wood Dimensions: 30/40 cm. Color:..

800.05 $ Ex Tax: 800.05 $

Engraved agate medallion "Virgin Mary and child Jesus"

Engraved natural agate gemstone. Made with all pure love. Dimentions: 35-40mm Weight: 22-28g ..

28.57 $ Ex Tax: 28.57 $

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Virgin Mary from the "Annunciation" Icon

Large-sized icon, made by modern technology  with acryl on wooden panel Unframed Dimensions 7..

514.32 $ Ex Tax: 514.32 $

Archangel Michael - wall decoration

This product is made entirely by hand from copper and completed with wooden frame and is designed fo..

91.43 $ Ex Tax: 91.43 $

Entering the Temple Icon

This is the moment when the little Jesus Christ enters the temple for the 1st time with his parents ..

742.90 $ Ex Tax: 742.90 $