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Hydrogen water JUG

-19% Out of stock  Hydrogen water JUG

Hydrogen water JUG-1439

WHY Hydrogen Water JUG???

The πpiema of the rich in hydrogen is the house of the Pepictaltiĸa, which is the only one and the accumulation of surplus ĸalopii in the territory of the German and the reserve of the House of the.........  Nutritionists recommend to drink about 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight each day. That is, for weight 50 kg should be drunk not less than 1.5 L per day. This also applies to hydrogen water.

We recommend to use hydrogen water and for external use: for washing, rinsing hair, add in masks and any cosmetic means water-based. The presence of molecular hydrogen contributes to better penetration of beneficial components inside the skin cells.

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Hydrogen (H) is the smallest and lightest element in the periodic table. When ingested, it passes through the bloodstream and, according to the paper published in the journal Medical Gas Research, paves the way for mitochondria – the energy centers of cells. It then penetrates into the nucleus, where most of the DNA is stored. Once it reaches the nucleus, it significantly reduces the harmful free radicals associated with everything from accelerated skin aging to cancer.

The hydrogen water jug was first introduced to the Bulgarian market by Biogenis. It is necessary to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of Biogenis water and after a month you will feel the difference in your improved psycho-emotional and physical health.


How safe is hydrogen water? - Hydrogen water is extremely safe for all ages, as well as for lactating and pregnant women.

Does hydrogen water have side effects? - Hydrogen water is normal water, just enriched with hydrogen molecules, so there are no side effects.

Is the hydrogen machine and the ionizer the same? - The ionizer is an old technology with fewer health benefits than a hydrogen water machine. The advantages we get from the ionizer are not due to water alkalinity, but to hydrogen released from it during electrolysis. So we focus on developing machines that will focus only on enriching hydrogen molecules in water.

What is the pH level of hydrogen water? - Ph of hydrogen water is 7-7.5. The value that contains the blood is similar. Although not alkaline, it is very alkalizing, as it fights acidity and oxidation. From the first use you may notice the increased energy and well-being in your body.

What is the right amount of hydrogen water to drink? - It is enough to drink from 1 to 3 liters per day.

Hydrogen is present in ordinary water, why then should hydrogen water be drunk? Yes, hydrogen is found in clean water, but it's not free and it's connected to oxygen. During the electrolysis process, our machine separates hydrogen molecules from oxygen so that they can be combined with oxygen radicals in our body.

After electrolysis, does the released hydrogen evaporate? - yes, after a while, it evaporates. For the best result, we recommend drinking hydrogen-enriched water within 15 minutes after electrolysis.

After evaporation of free hydrogen, can the electrolysis process be released again? - yes, the water can be turned on a couple of times.

What is the formula of hydrogen water? - Very often asked question. Molecular hydrogen H2 and water H2 Oh, they're totally different substances. They DO NOT interact with each other. And they don't turn into either over-acid hydrogen, not thunder gas, or a hydrogen bomb. Water is a carrier, transport for hydrogen, a means of its entry into the body into its tissues, cells and cellular components. The simplest, convenient and safe of all ways. Hydrogen can be inhaled, inhalations with hydrogen-saturated saline can be made. But for this special conditions and equipment are needed, these methods are used only in clinics. That's why hydrogen-enriched home water is best. The formula for hydrogen water is the same as the water H2 Oh, and hydrogen H2 dissolved in the water, such as the gas. Hydrogen molecules are distributed between water molecules, and their formulas do not change. Therefore, there is no special formula for hydrogen water. N2 + H2 O = H2 + H2 Oh.

Is hydrogen water different from ordinary water in smell, taste and color? - Hydrogen water is usually not distinguished from drinking water by organoleptic indicators, i.e. in appearance, taste, color and smell. However, we and people who have drank hydrogen water note that it is drunk more lightly and has a softer consistency. To distinguish hydrogen water from ordinary water, a device is needed to measure the hydrogen concentration.

How does hydrogen water differ from ionized alkaline water? - Sometimes hydrogen water is incorrectly identified by 'deionized', 'structured', 'alkaline', etc. water. Unlike these types of water, the indicator of acidity pH, on which it changes as a result of electrochemical effects, the pH of hydrogen water remains neutral. In the apparatus for obtaining electrochemical activated (ionized) water, the electrolysis process is used for ionization of water. Its subsequent division into a Ctolite (forming in the space of a cada, with an alkaline medium, and a negative value of HVAC) and anolitis (forming in the anode space, with an acidic medium and a positive HVAC value). In the enrichment of ordinary water with hydrogen, its RRAs become negative (which indicates the predominance of restorative processes). The level of pH and ionic – salt composition of water do not change. This determines the absence of side effects and contraindications in the use of drinking water saturated with hydrogen.

What's the point of hydrogen water, why add hydrogen to the water when it has..? Hydrogen, which is part of the water molecule H2 Oh, an atom is connected.  Hydrogen atoms are part of all organic substances (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, alcohols, hydrocarbons, etc.), as well as many inorganic substances (acids, alkalis, salts, etc.). Molecular hydrogen, with which water is enriched, is an independent substance. In the water is added to enter the body and interact there with oxidizers that create significant problems. For example, hydroxyl radical (OH, the most dangerous for the body) when interacting with hydrogen, turns into ordinary water and ceases to destroy the body: 2(ON) + H2 = 2H2 A. This is the main meaning of hydrogen water.


Safety effectiveness According to ICO standards
Power supply DC12V
Color White
Power 15W
PE + EPE + Giftbox Package
Capacity 1600ml
Product size 210 mm * 182 mm * 336 mm

Advantages of the hydrogen water cans-the Biogenis brand

  1. Water Ionizer – enriches water with negative hydrogen ions
  2. The replaceable calcium sulfite filter absorbs the residual chlorine in the water and makes drinking water healthier
  3. Vortex mode to maximize closeness to natural water
  4. Sensitive buttons and auto self-cleaning function
  5. Option to select a hydrogen enrichment level, including high molecular hydrogen enrichment
  6. High power electrolysis, low energy consumption
  7. Power supply DC 12V
  8. Power 15W

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