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Electronics & Appliances

25 Most popular products from this department!

Blender 2in1 - shaker & bottle

If you want to eat healthily, make it with a SHAKE N TAKE mini shaker. Capacity: 0.580 ml Can ..

15.96 $ Ex Tax: 15.96 $

Electric Stove Gorenje EC6341WC

Electric Stove Gorenje EC6341WC        ..

407.96 $ Ex Tax: 407.96 $

Electric Stove Gorenje K6241WF

Electric Stove Gorenje K6241WF        ..

378.81 $ Ex Tax: 378.81 $

Built-in oven Gorenje BO615E01XK

Built-in oven Gorenje BO615E01XK Characteristics: HomeMade form- The characteristic rounded shape i..

238.94 $ Ex Tax: 238.94 $

Bluetooth Speakerphone

Wireless bluetooth Function plays MP3 USB Drive and Micro SD card Radio AUX function DC..

29.64 $ Ex Tax: 29.64 $

A quiet and powerful kitchen hood

This absorber is ultra quiet and super powerful. Effectively absorbs fumes, vapours, aromas, moistu..

235.16 $ Ex Tax: 235.16 $

Shelly Eye

Shelly Eye is the completely wireless home security camera that sends motion-activated alerts & HD v..

226.83 $ Ex Tax: 226.83 $

Bluetooth speaker with LED lights MS-366BT

Description: We present you a portable Bluetooth speaker with LED lights MS-366BT. With the built-i..

15.96 $ Ex Tax: 15.96 $

Fully integrated dishwasher Gorenje GV67260

Full-integrated dishwasher Gorenje GV67260 Characteristics: 16 Sets-dishwashers SmartFlex offer amp..

699.36 $ Ex Tax: 699.36 $

Bluetooth microphone for an unforgettable karaoke party

  Bluetooth wireless microphone with built-in tone and LED lights. The microphone is wirelessly c..

18.24 $ Ex Tax: 18.24 $

Sonata absorber with touchscreen display, 900 mm, black color

This silent, powerful kitchen extractor will extract the smoke, smell and even heat from your kitch..

322.58 $ Ex Tax: 322.58 $

Bluetooth speaker with LED lights MS-199BT

We present you portable Bluetooth Speaker with MS-199BT LED Lights. With built-in Bluetooth, you can..

22.80 $ Ex Tax: 22.80 $

Combined Fridge Freezer Gorenje NRK612ORAW

Combined refrigerator with freezer Gorenje NRK612ORAW        ..

990.76 $ Ex Tax: 990.76 $

Built-in microwave oven Gorenje BM235ORAB

Built-in microwave oven By Design Series Ora Gorenje BM235ORAB Characteristics: AutoMenu-Many saved..

349.68 $ Ex Tax: 349.68 $

Sonata Portable air cooler with purifier and humidifier, 8 L

This mobile air cooler is an efficient portable fan that can cheaply lower the air temperature and ..

182.71 $ Ex Tax: 182.71 $

Combined Fridge Freezer Gorenje NRK621PS4

Combined refrigerator with freezer Gorenje NRK621PS4        ..

501.21 $ Ex Tax: 501.21 $

Weather Station KN-WS400N

What's the use and function of weather station thermometer ?   Weather station clock thermometer ..

75.23 $ Ex Tax: 75.23 $

Sonata Mini washing machine with double still 5.6 kg

This space saving and cost mini washing machine with double still is ideal for students, camping or..

226.42 $ Ex Tax: 226.42 $

Built-in oven Franke Country Line CL 85 M PW

Built-in oven Franke Country Line CL 85 M PW ..

693.54 $ Ex Tax: 693.54 $

Adjustable and folding headphones

Adjustable and folding headphones Announcer: 40 mm. Frequency response: 20Hz -20 KHz Sensit..

17.10 $ Ex Tax: 17.10 $

Dahua Wireless Camera

2MPix wireless H.264 DAY/NIGHT IP camera -1920x1080/15FPS. 1/2.7' progressive CMOS Sensor. Le..

79.33 $ Ex Tax: 79.33 $

Tablet case up to 10.1 inch

Tablet case up with Hardcover for greater protection of the device made of fabric with large zipper...

15.50 $ Ex Tax: 15.50 $

Music Bluetooth Speaker MS-204BT

Introducing the music speaker with LED lights MS-204BT. With built-in Bluetooth, you can connect y..

20.52 $ Ex Tax: 20.52 $

Built-in oven Franke GNXO 96 M NT XS

Built-in oven Franke GNXO 96 M NT XS ..

1019.90 $ Ex Tax: 1019.90 $

Sonata Mobile Air conditioner 2600 W (8870 BTU)

This mobile air conditioner with a capacity of 8870 BTU is an excellent choice if you want a flexib..

611.07 $ Ex Tax: 611.07 $

Electronics & Appliances

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