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Small Appliances

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Hydrogen water JUG

https://shop.cherga.bg/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Vodorodna-voda.mp4   Benefits of using hydrogen..

181.61 $ Ex Tax: 181.61 $

EcoSoft Standard Reverse Osmosis System

Model features RO (reverse osmosis) is the most effective technology used in the purification of d..

241.54 $ Ex Tax: 241.54 $

Portable hydrogen water Bottle-500 ml

INTELLIGENT bottle for hydrogen water production Do you want to drink quality water everywhere? T..

90.80 $ Ex Tax: 90.80 $

Blender 2in1 - shaker & bottle

If you want to eat healthily, make it with a SHAKE N TAKE mini shaker. Capacity: 0.580 ml Can ..

16.58 $ Ex Tax: 16.58 $

Food desiccant with 6 trays, round

This food desiccant with 6 trays is a great addition to your kitchen. With its help, you can not on..

62.66 $ Ex Tax: 62.66 $

Food processor Gorenje MMC1000RL

Food processor Gorenje MMC1000RL ..

363.21 $ Ex Tax: 363.21 $

EcoSoft RObust 1000 Reverse Osmosis system

Advantages of the RObust system The inverse osmosis Ecosoft RObust system provides a sufficient am..

840.59 $ Ex Tax: 840.59 $

Food desiccant with 10 trays, stainless steel

This stainless steel desiccant with 10 trays is suitable for both home and professional use. With i..

398.63 $ Ex Tax: 398.63 $

EcoSoft PURE Water softener (37 L Dowex® Material HCRS S)

The Ecosoft 125 Premium filter is designed to reduce the hardness of the household water. The filtr..

1714.53 $ Ex Tax: 1714.53 $

EcoSoft Absolute Compact Water softener (Dowex® HCRS S)

The Ecosoft Absolute filter is designed to reduce the hardness of the household water. The filtrati..

599.30 $ Ex Tax: 599.30 $

EcoSoft PURE Advanced Water softener (37 L Ecomix® material)

EcoSoft P'ure Advanced Water softener is a special filter designed to reduce iron, manganese, hardn..

2077.78 $ Ex Tax: 2077.78 $

Ecosoft Maxima 5 L filter Jug Blue

Model features The Ecosoft Maxima filter Jug is a compact and simple solution for water purificati..

18.77 $ Ex Tax: 18.77 $

EcoSoft RObust 1500 Reverse Osmosis System

Advantages of RObust Filter Ecosoft RObust Reverse Osmosis filters provide a sufficient amount of ..

1018.20 $ Ex Tax: 1018.20 $

Sonata electronic balance, 30 kg with rechargeable battery

Our high-quality electronic scale, equipped with built-in rechargeable battery, gives you accurate ..

89.90 $ Ex Tax: 89.90 $

Set of replacement filters 1-2-3 inverse osmosis Еcosoft

These three Ecosoft replacement filters are irreplaceable for pre-treatment of feed water before it..

13.92 $ Ex Tax: 13.92 $

Electric kettle for water heating, professional – 25 liters

This kettle is designed for professional catering and can be used daily. Made from high quality sta..

153.45 $ Ex Tax: 153.45 $

Filters for filter jugs Ecosoft Dewberry

The Ecosoft filtering jug replacement Filter provides unlimited access to drinking water. The repla..

7.81 $ Ex Tax: 7.81 $

Sonata dispenser for stainless steel juice, 8 liters

This juice dispenser is an exquisite solution for serving chilled juices or other beverages to buff..

89.90 $ Ex Tax: 89.90 $

Ecosoft Luna 3.5 L Filtration Jug

Model features Ecosoft Luna Filtration Jug is a compact and simple solution for water purification..

14.53 $ Ex Tax: 14.53 $

EcoSoft RObust 3000 Reverse Osmosis system

Advantages of RObust 3000 Osmosis Ecosoft RObust 3000 reverse filters provide a sufficient amount ..

2344.24 $ Ex Tax: 2344.24 $

Ecosoft Kettles Filter-2pcs

The Ecosoft replacement Kettle Filter provides unlimited access to drinking water. The replacement ..

10.83 $ Ex Tax: 10.83 $

Sonata Rotiserie skewer for barbeque, 57 cm, black

Are you looking for a reliable and durable set of Rotiserie skewer for BBQ for baking pieces of mea..

244.26 $ Ex Tax: 244.26 $

BBQ with skewer and electric bike

The grill and the skewer are perfect for baking meat. Ideal for cooking big big steaks, ribs, chick..

507.59 $ Ex Tax: 507.59 $

Ecosoft Dewberry Slim 3.5 L Filtration Jug

Model features We created Dewberry for beauty lovers. This filter jug quenches not only your thirs..

32.09 $ Ex Tax: 32.09 $

Sonata cutter for tomatoes, stainless steel and cast aluminium, 4.7 mm

The perfect tomato cutting will become much easier and more effective with this professional tomato..

135.29 $ Ex Tax: 135.29 $