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Herbs and Spices

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Noble Incense Oman Ecclesia (Boswellia sacra) 10 Gr. Arabian White Incense

One of the most qualitative and valuable varieties of Boswellia with application in medicine, co..

1.19 $ Ex Tax: 1.19 $

White wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), 100 organic essential oil 20 ml.

> white wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), 100% organic essential oil> Origin Bulgaria, Natura 2000, E..

10.18 $ Ex Tax: 10.18 $

Herb Damiana, Damiana (Turnera diffusa) 50, Damian, aphrodisiac

> Damiana, Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is a plant typical of Latin and South America.The > Medicinal p..

3.60 $ Ex Tax: 3.60 $

Noble Smyrna, Miro, (Commiphora myrrha) 10 gr.

>Noble Smyrna of excellent quality from Somalia. >releases white dense smoke with a refreshing effec..

1.79 $ Ex Tax: 1.79 $

Patchouli leaves (Pogostemon patchouli) 25g

> Patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli) is a long-growing shrub plant with white-pink colors from the min..

3.00 $ Ex Tax: 3.00 $

Noble incense Oman Superior (Boswellia sacra) 10 g Arabian White Incense

The highest quality and expensive variety Boswellia with application in medicine, cosmetics and eso..

2.40 $ Ex Tax: 2.40 $

Fast-ignition coals for incense 10 pieces.

>fast-igniting charcoal for incense 10 pieces.>tablet type.>suitable for ignition with a lighter> bu..

1.50 $ Ex Tax: 1.50 $

Opoponax (Commiphora erythraea), sweet myrrh 10g.

> Oponox is the brownish aromatic resin of the tree Bisabol-myrrhe and is often called sweet myrrh. ..

1.79 $ Ex Tax: 1.79 $

Slim Bob (Dipteryx odorata)

>The exotic spice of South America, Tonka Bean is a seed that is a wonderful addition to sweets, cre..

0.60 $ Ex Tax: 0.60 $

Gugul, (Commiphora Mukul, Guggal, Guggul, Guggulu) 10 g.

The Gugool resin has a pleasant tarearoma in the cadre and quite resembles myrrh. Used medicinally,..

2.40 $ Ex Tax: 2.40 $

Noble Incense Dammar (Shorea wiesneri) 10 gr.

 Noble incense Dammar (Samambani)  White incense, extracted in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia,..

1.19 $ Ex Tax: 1.19 $

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), 100 pure Essential oil 10 ml, dark blue

Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium) , 100% organic essential oil Origin Bulgaria, Natura 2000, Easte..

29.94 $ Ex Tax: 29.94 $

Noble Incense Eritrea (Boswellia papyrifera) 10 gr. African White Tâmân

Noble Incense Eritrea African White Incense Eritrea originates from the Eritrean region o..

1.19 $ Ex Tax: 1.19 $

Cedar wood for Cadmium 50 gr.

> >sliced cedar wood suitable for cadmium.> > Phytoncides, separated from the cedar tree, in additio..

3.60 $ Ex Tax: 3.60 $

Red Sandalwood 50 g.

Red sandalwood suitable for cadmium. The wood of this tree, extracted in the tropical and subtro..

3.60 $ Ex Tax: 3.60 $

Noble Incense Copal Gold (Protium grandifolium) 10 gr.

 Copal Gold (Protium grandifolium) is one of the most important ritual components of ancient South A..

1.19 $ Ex Tax: 1.19 $

Arabic Rubber (Gummi arabicum) 10 gr.

The arabica gum is a rigid transparent mass, a resin produced from the juice extracted from two kin..

1.19 $ Ex Tax: 1.19 $

A noble liquid amber resin, conditioner (Styrax Liquidambar orientalis) 10 gr.

> > Noble resin from "liquid" amber (ragweed) or balm> > Extracted from Stidrax Tree > (> Styrax of..

1.79 $ Ex Tax: 1.79 $

Ceramic incense with a oak

Ceramic incense with a oak Baked at 1100 degrees, this incense allows the use of all kinds of ch..

3.60 $ Ex Tax: 3.60 $

Indian White Incense (Boswellia Serrata), Salai Guggal, Lobhan, Salai, Salakhi 10 gr.

One of the most qualitative and valuable varieties of Boswellia with application in medicine, cosme..

1.19 $ Ex Tax: 1.19 $

Тибетски тамян, сал, (Shorea robusta, sal dhupa) 10 гр

The > Tree raft (Shorea robusta), also called Rahl, Salva, Saku, sacer, scarf, Kandar or sakva, is ..

1.79 $ Ex Tax: 1.79 $

Noble resin benzoin Sumatra (Styrax benzoin) 10 gr.

> > Noble resin from Sumatra benzoin.> > Extracted from the tree Stirax > (> Styracaceae>)>. > It i..

1.79 $ Ex Tax: 1.79 $

Wood Styrax liquid Amber, conditioner (Styrax Liquidambar orientalis) 50 g.

> > Wood from the Stirax tree from which is extracted 'liquid' amber (ragweed) or balm> (> Styrax o..

3.00 $ Ex Tax: 3.00 $

(SandaracA Resin) 10.

The Sandafan tree (Tetraclinis articulata), also known as Berber cypress or Berber Tuja, is familia..

1.79 $ Ex Tax: 1.79 $

White Sandalwood 50 g.

White sandalwood suitable for cadmium. (Santalum album) The wood of white sandalwood harvested i..

4.79 $ Ex Tax: 4.79 $