Gobelins Tapestry

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The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci - Original Handmade Gobelin -34%

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci - Original Handmade Gobelin

Unique and authentic Wiehler handmade tapestry gobelin. Sewn by unknown artisan in the 80's..

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Great Frigate - Handmade Gobelin -25%

Great Frigate - Handmade Gobelin

Alternative names - On High Water, Auf grosser fahrt.This unique authentic Wiehler handmade&nbs..

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3D Handmade Diamond Painting Manchester United FC Logo

Unique 3D Handmade Embroidery logo from our new collection of one of the most favorite football club..

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3D Unique Handmade Diamond Painting Ice Age Squirrel

3D Unique Handmade Gobelin with everybody's favorite squirrel from the movie Ice Age.  Joyful and ch..

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Custom made cross stitch fridge magnet personalized name tag magnet

Now you can have your very own personlized fridge magnet - with your name and your decoration. Or..

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Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh - Handmade Wiehler Gobelin

Unique and authentic original Wiehler gobelin. Handmade with original DMC threads. Made in th..

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Embroidery gobelin The Resurrection of Jesus Christ 65/88 cm

Handmade gobelin embroidery. Made with DMC threads on a canvas 65 x 88 cm. Sold without frame. ..

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Small Frigate Original Wiehler Gobelin HANDMADE

This is an original and authentic Wiehler Gobelin needlepoint stitch work. It's part of the Maritime..

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Madonna with Child by Murillo - Handmade Gobelin

Unique authentic Wiehler handmade gobelin. Made in the 1980's in the span of 6 months. Complete ..

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3D Handmade Diamond Painting Beautiful Parrots

 The Parrot represents positive energy and blessings of good luck.  A parrot figurine, a parrot pain..

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Original HANDMADE Wiehler Gobelin Moor Landscape

Authentic and original handmade wiehler gobelin, depicting a peaceful scenery by a the water. A hous..

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3D Handmade Diamond Painting Religious Icon

Unique 3D Handmade Diamond Crossstitch Painting. Representing Mary holding Baby Jesus.  Brings peace..

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3D Handmade Diamond Painting Floating Ship

Be unique and give this exquisite diamond painting depictin a floating ship. This picture is a great..

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Gobelin "Still life with poppies"

Gobelin "Still life with poppies" - 56 x 42 cm Unframed, panama, 100% Mercerised cotton yarns, em..

400.03 $ Ex Tax: 400.03 $

Bright Autumn - Handmade Wiehler Gobelin

Unique authentic Wiehler handmade gobelin. Made in the 1980's. Complete with frame and glass. Kep..

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