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Gobelins Tapestry

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3D Handmade Diamond Painting Manchester United FC Logo

Unique 3D Handmade Embroidery logo from our new collection of one of the most favorite football club..

174.57 $ Ex Tax: 174.57 $

Photo Custom Full Round Drill DIY Diamond Painting Cross Stitch 3D Mosaic Embroidery Home Decoration

BE UNIQUE!! We give you this amazing opportunity!!!   CUSTOM PHOTO We offer option custom p..

174.57 $ Ex Tax: 174.57 $

Embroidery gobelin The Resurrection of Jesus Christ 65/88 cm

Handmade gobelin embroidery. Made with DMC threads on a canvas 65 x 88 cm. Sold without frame. ..

1163.80 $ Ex Tax: 1163.80 $

Free Shipping

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci - Original Handmade Gobelin

Unique and authentic Wiehler handmade tapestry gobelin. Sewn by unknown artisan in the 80's. Complet..

6866.41 $ Ex Tax: 6866.41 $

Free Shipping

The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough - Handmade Gobelin

Unique authentic Wiehler handmade gobelin. Made in the 80's of the 20th century. Complete with or..

407.33 $ Ex Tax: 407.33 $

"Roses in Blue Vase" Tapestry

"Roses in blue vase", measuring 46/35 cm, unframed gobelin​​​​​​ - canvas, treads of 100% merceri..

232.76 $ Ex Tax: 232.76 $

"One summer day" Gobelin

"One summer day" tapestry, without frame Dimensions: 65/52 cm  Made on panama 100% merceriz..

581.90 $ Ex Tax: 581.90 $

Tapestry "Flower Fragrance"

Flower Fragrance, size 44/31 cm, unframed gobelin - canvas, tread of 100% mercerized Egyptian cot..

209.48 $ Ex Tax: 209.48 $

Small Frigate Original Wiehler Gobelin HANDMADE

This is an original and authentic Wiehler Gobelin needlepoint stitch work. It's part of the Maritime..

442.24 $ Ex Tax: 442.24 $

Great Frigate - Handmade Gobelin

Alternative names - On High Water, Auf grosser fahrt. This unique authentic Wiehler handmade gobe..

1862.08 $ Ex Tax: 1862.08 $

Free Shipping

"Lilac and yellow roses" Gobelin

"Lilac and yellow roses" tapestry, without frame Dimensions: 32/24 cm  Made on panama 100% ..

133.84 $ Ex Tax: 133.84 $

"Fragrance" Gobelin

"Fragrance" tapestry, without frame Dimensions: 23/21 cm  Made on panama 100% mercerized Eg..

87.28 $ Ex Tax: 87.28 $

Tapestry Silent Night without a frame 1:4 large size with DMC threads

An extremely beautiful large tapestry that would be incredible on your wall. Embroidered with hig..

558.62 $ Ex Tax: 558.62 $

Tapestry Golden October embroidered with DMC threads, 1:1, without frame

Tapestry “Golden October”  is an exceptionally beautiful autumn landscape embroidered with the fines..

791.38 $ Ex Tax: 791.38 $

Wiehler handmade gobelin Way to Emmaus

Wiehler handmade gobelin Way to Emmaus   Vintage handmade in the 80's  Сoverlet Gobelin. Hi..

523.71 $ Ex Tax: 523.71 $

Embroidered gobelin - panel "Tree"

Decorative wall panel with wooden frame, embroidered with Ariadne threads. Dimensions: 22/32 cm. ..

46.55 $ Ex Tax: 46.55 $

Gobelin "Autumn Fruits"

Dimensions: 61/41 cm Materials - panama, 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton thread, tapestry stitch. ..

436.42 $ Ex Tax: 436.42 $

Tapestry Sunset at the Sea embroidered 1: 4 with DMC threads, no frame

The "Sunset at the Sea" tapestry is embroidered 1: 4 with DMC threads (24 colors).  Dimensions ar..

168.75 $ Ex Tax: 168.75 $

Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh - Handmade Wiehler Gobelin

Unique and authentic original Wiehler gobelin. Handmade with original DMC threads. Made in th..

407.33 $ Ex Tax: 407.33 $

3D Handmade Diamond Painting Beautiful Parrots

 The Parrot represents positive energy and blessings of good luck.  A parrot figurine, a parrot pain..

290.95 $ Ex Tax: 290.95 $

Tapestry The Redolent Garden, embroidered 1:1 with DMC thread, without frame

The The Redolent Garden Tapestry is embroidered 1:1 with DMC floss (41 colors). The dimensions are 3..

256.04 $ Ex Tax: 256.04 $

Gobelin "Still life with poppies"

Gobelin "Still life with poppies" - 56 x 42 cm Unframed, panama, 100% Mercerised cotton yarns, em..

407.33 $ Ex Tax: 407.33 $

"Wild West" Gobelin

"Wild West" tapestry, without frame Dimensions: 36/22 cm  Made on panama 100% mercerized Eg..

139.66 $ Ex Tax: 139.66 $

Original HANDMADE Wiehler Gobelin Moor Landscape

Authentic and original handmade wiehler gobelin, depicting a peaceful scenery by a the water. A hous..

174.57 $ Ex Tax: 174.57 $

Sunset - Diamond 5D Painting / Tapestry

Handmade Diamond tapestry with a frame. Full square drill. Size: 30/40 The advantage of hav..

66.34 $ Ex Tax: 66.34 $