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Home Accessories

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Wooden Wind bells Bamboo

> handmade bamboo and coconut.The > pleasant sound that makes the wind bell at every breath calms an..

12.46 $ Ex Tax: 12.46 $

Wall Candlestick Metal Decor Abstraction, Black

The candlestick is made of iron, powder painted and decorated with patina. It is designed for wall m..

38.75 $ Ex Tax: 38.75 $

Shoe bag Wenko

Protects up to 3 pairs of shoes against moisture and dust  - Particularly practical for travellin..

6.61 $ Ex Tax: 6.61 $

Cleaning scraper Wenko for glass ceramic hobs Profi 2 spare blades

Supports easy removal of stubborn encrustations and soiling of glass ceramic hobs, glass or tiles Wi..

8.19 $ Ex Tax: 8.19 $

Cup Holder The flower of life-a set of 6 pieces

>beautifully crafted cup holders with the symbol of the flower of life.>They are practical for every..

5.66 $ Ex Tax: 5.66 $

Soap dispenser Wenko Polaris red

Refillable soap dispenser for dispensing portions of liquid soap or lotion Made of high quality cera..

6.08 $ Ex Tax: 6.08 $

Soap dispenser Wenko Resife Brown

Material: Polyresin With structured surface Dimensions: 6,5 x 7,5 x 15,5 cm ..

13.33 $ Ex Tax: 13.33 $

Towel holder Metal Decor safety needle, black

The stand is handmade made of curved iron, powder coated. It's comfortable. Universal and functional..

28.79 $ Ex Tax: 28.79 $

Stand for toilet paper 'ideal'-black

Sizes:22cm X 22cm X 75cm Weight:2kg The stand is made of wrought iron, powder coated. Availabl..

42.07 $ Ex Tax: 42.07 $

Set rack for shoes and Hanger Oval

The set consists of a rack for shoes and clothes hanger and is made of wrought iron, powder-coated. ..

155.00 $ Ex Tax: 155.00 $

Wall Candlestick Heart

39cm X 9cm X 33cm • 0.85kg Wall candlestick 'Heart' is made of twisted iron and is powder painted...

23.25 $ Ex Tax: 23.25 $

Sundial Metal Decor, Black

Garden sundial made of wrought iron, powder coating. The base with drilled holes allows for fixed fi..

99.64 $ Ex Tax: 99.64 $

Wall Mounted Flower Box 'Window'

Sizes:49cm X 22cm X 60cm Weight:2.70kg Wall-mounted flower-shop made of wrought iron, powder-coa..

56.46 $ Ex Tax: 56.46 $

The Bachelorette book is A Special

30cm X 15cm X 15cm • 2kg The bookcase is made of iron, powder coated. The upper part offers the op..

25.46 $ Ex Tax: 25.46 $

Soap dispenser Wenko Polaris chrom

Refillable soap dispenser for dispensing portions of liquid soap or lotion Made of high quality, chr..

7.36 $ Ex Tax: 7.36 $

Wall Mounted Flower Shop 'Paradise'

Sizes:50cm X 20cm X 45cm Weight:3kg Wall Florist made of wrought iron, powder painted. It is d..

57.57 $ Ex Tax: 57.57 $

Lotus Jewelry Box

Beautiful box, partially hand-crafted Material: aluminum, colored in black wood Size: 6cm x 6c..

6.80 $ Ex Tax: 6.80 $

Wine Shelf decor Diagonal

Sizes: 38cm X 11cm X 130cm Weight:  • 4kg Wine shelf 'decor diagonal' is made of wrought iron, ..

42.07 $ Ex Tax: 42.07 $

Jumbo-box Wenko Air 91х53х48 cm

Ideal for the space-saving, dust-free storage of bed linen and seasonal fabrics - With zip and large..

7.20 $ Ex Tax: 7.20 $

Cradle Joy

52cm X 46cm X 67cm • 12kg Cradle 'Radost' is made of twisted and wrought iron and is powder coated..

131.75 $ Ex Tax: 131.75 $

Stone Box for Jewelry Ankh

Oval-shaped decorative box with an inlaid brass symbol ankh. It can be used for storing jewelry.Mate..

11.33 $ Ex Tax: 11.33 $

Soap dish Wenko Polaris red

Decorative soap dish for the storage of hand soap Made of high quality ceramics Colour: Red Dimensio..

4.33 $ Ex Tax: 4.33 $

'Arthur' Candlestick

Sizes:98cm X 47cm X 27cm Weight:7kg The candlestick is made of wrought iron, powder-coated. It i..

105.18 $ Ex Tax: 105.18 $

Toothbrush tumbler Wenko Polaris green

Decorative toothbrush tumbler for the storage of toothbrushes and toothpaste Made of high quality ce..

4.33 $ Ex Tax: 4.33 $

Wall Candlestick Character

Sizes:36cm X 10cm X 73cm Weight:2.30kg Wall Candlestick character is made of  twisted iron and..

28.79 $ Ex Tax: 28.79 $