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About 7 years ago, quite accidentally and unexpectedly (or not!), We lit one of the oldest crafts of humanity - weaving. Challenged by the idea of ​​doing something handmade, unique, distinct, to distinguish us from the numerous confections and fake ones that conquer our ideas of beauty and value and slowly and gradually change our value system, we have created our Weaving Workshop. We decided to return to the traditions and the beauty of the handmade fabrics, to modernize them, rediscover them and transfer them to our homes and wardrobes to bring in them the coziness and beauty of the past and the modernity of the future. With this idea we create our products - rugs, carpets, tents, bags, jewelery, etc. We use mainly natural materials - wool, cotton, hemp, flax, manila and others.
Explore our creations! We hope you will like them and together we can bring the spirit of the past to the present!

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