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Diamond painting

We produce diamond painting kits with your photo, picture or our ready-made kits in all sizes. You can choose what diamonds to be - square or round. A great gift for a loved one.

What is Diamond Painting?

This is a new, modern and extremely fun hobby that is suitable for adults as well as for children. A great gift for you or your relatives.


In short:

A canvas with an image that is scaled to small squares on which there are symbols. It is covered with a highly sticky transparent glue


Round or square rhinestones with very fine and gentle shine and with dimensions as much as one square of the application. (round with a diameter of 2.7 mm or a square of 2.5 x 2.5 mm.)



Each symbol corresponds to a certain color rhinestone



Glue each rhinestone just by pinching it or a special applicator and putting it in its place. It thus gripes and adheres perfectly to the canvas. There is absolutely no danger that the diamonds will begin to peel away because the glue is of very high quality and the only way to remove it is forced - with tweezers.



The difference between rounds and squares diamonds is minimal.





Great pictures are getting turned into a real jewel for your home, and the pride that you have made them yourself will make them even more dear to you.






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