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DEZAKVA AN Environmentally friendly disinfecting product

Out of stock DEZAKVA AN Environmentally friendly disinfecting product

DEZAKVA AN Environmentally friendly disinfecting product-10 L

Anolite obtained on the anode in the process of electrolysis, a solution of salt and water. According to its physical characteristics it is a quick solution with a slight smell of chlorine. There are disinfectant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. In this regard, Anolite is used in various fields, from medicine to agriculture. Anolite is used in many European countries, USA and Asia.


DEZAKVA AN-Environmentally friendly disinfecting product.



The composition of the anode liquid is saturated with various compounds. As a result of the electrolysis of aqueous saline in the anode zone, strong

Oxidizing agents: chlorine radicals-chlorine dioxide, hypochloric acid and oxygen radicals-oxygen, ozone, and also hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide and chloro-oxygen compounds are active substances in the anolith. Such a solution ensures the absence of adaptation of microorganisms to the biocidal operation of the liquid.

If the first generations of Anolite had a shelf life of up to 5-7 days, with a fairly pronounced chlorine smell and a Ph of not more than 4.0, now the Anolitis is obtained with indicators that allow the preservation of properties from half a year to a year or more, practically odorless and Ph in the Range 6.0-8.0.



Studies have shown that anolite with an active substance concentration of only 0.05% destroys the spores of anthrax for a few seconds, while a solution of sodium hypochlorite requires at least 30 minutes to achieve the same result. In contact with the microorganism, the active substances of the anolithic cause its death by disrupting the integrity of the cell wall with subsequent disruption of the internal structure. Anolite has high antimicrobial activity against all pathogenic, microorganisms, including spores. In this case, the anode fluid mimics the processes used by the organism itself in the fight against pathogenic bacteria, Viruses As well as foreign degenerated cells with the help of oxygen and chlorine radicals.


A fragment of a scientific article:

(... The immune system has a whole arsenal of ways to fight bacteria. One is simply to 'devour' the enemy. This is done in particular by neutrophils or neutrophilic granulocytes, which are among the first infected, but it is not enough to swallow the bacterium, it is still necessary to somehow kill it. The cells fill the absorbed bacteria with a complex chemical cocktail with strong oxidizing agents. The composition of oxidizing chemical weapons includes hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorist acid).



The toxicity class of the anolith is minimal-IV (most disinfectants and antiseptics have a toxicity class no higher than III (moderately dangerous)). Therefore, it is safe for inhalation, in contact with skin and in small amounts when swallowed, in the treatment of premises and surfaces in the presence of humans and animals.

The low total concentration of active oxygen and chlorine compounds guarantees safety for humans and the environment for long-term use.

Subsequently, these substances decompose to slightly mineralized water. The low concentration of active substances along with their speed provide the absence of aggressive effects on different materials. Additionally, after the processing of the objects there are no traces. Here are some of the benefits of the Anolithic:

-Environmentally Friendly


-High antimicrobial, Antivirus , antifungal activity

-The inability to adapt microorganisms, so there is no need for replacement.

-Does not cause allergic reactions

-After treatment, rinsing is not required

-Does not accumulate in the external environment

-Do not burn

-Not explosive


-Safe for humans, animals and the environment with prolonged use

-Does not damage processed objects and surfaces

-Economical to use

-Shelf life in unopened package-6 months.

-Certificate of State registration of disinfectant

No 0946 – 2/20.10.2010

-Testing Protocol RN25911 / 08.04.2020





Disinfection and sterilization in health facilities, incl. Surgical, anti-tuberculosis, infectious premises. The surfaces of medical and special devices, medical devices made of plastic, rubber, glass, metals, etc.



Disinfection of animals and other agricultural facilities, warehouses, disinfection of plants, fruits, vegetables to combat bacterial, viral, fungal diseases, to increase the shelf-life. Disinfection of irrigation and other water, seeds, seedlings before sowing, to improve germination.

Processing of finished agricultural products to increase the shelf life and preserve their properties.



Disinfection of objects, surfaces, equipment, including those in contact with food raw materials and water, processing of food raw materials or finished foodstuffs, carcases of cattle and poultry in meat processing plants, fish and marine To disinfect and increase the shelf-life.



Disinfection of salons of public transport, salons of automobiles, garages and other motor vehicles; Ventilation and air-conditioning systems for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and unpleasant smells.

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