Delivery Information

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Customer Delivery Details

Via every Customer can get in touch with Sellers from all over Europe. Customers are able to see the location of an item, as well as delivery costs and an estimated delivery time on each product. 

Find Delivery details on Product Page

The delivery of the orders is organized by the Sellers. The delivery options are visible on the Product page and are located in the Shipping Tab. There you can find different options that each Seller provide as well as delivery time. The Customer can select the most suitable delivery option at checkout.  Many Sellers offer free delivery options as well. The items with free delivery option are being selected under FREE GOODIES section on If there is no delivery information being provided, Customers can get in touch directly with the Seller or with us at for further information. 

Shop with Worldwide Delivery

Most of the sellers on provide a worldwide delivery options, however, if you do not find delivery to your country you can directly turn to the Seller via “contact this seller” button below seller`s logo on the product page to ask whether or not they can provide delivery to your country. Keep in mind that in this case you may be responsible for additional charges, duties or taxes because of customs requirements in your country.

Put correct Delivery address 

Customers on can check their address before making a purchase. They can set up, delete, replace their address in their Profiles under the name Address book. 
Shop with confidence

When purchasing a product from each and every Customer we have is being protected. You can get acquainted with our Buyer Protection Section for further information. After receiving an order, verifies the payment and forwards it to the Seller for execution. The Seller will complete the order according to the delivery option selected by the Customer. The delivery of the products may vary according to the destination. Deliveries may take between 1 and 14 working days.

Follow your parcel's status and tracking information
Every seller will provide You with a Tracking Number when Your order is shipped. You can find Your Tracking Number in the order page in the comments field next to SHIPPED order status. You can track Your order at the following website: Track Your Parcel
Issues and Returns

Should any issues with your delivery arise, remember that we have got you covered. If there is some problem with your delivery you can first turn directly to the Seller via Contact this Seller button below the Seller’s logo in the product page. If you by some reason are not satisfied with his or hers response, get in touch with us at to resolve the issue. If you would like to Return a product, read about the Return Policy
If there are any discrepancies or you need any assistance, please contact us and we will resolve your issue in the shortest possible time.


Seller Delivery Details
Setting up Delivery Details
Sellers are obliged to provide shipping and delivery information. In each listing Seller can add several delivery options to enable more flexibility and to cover more Customer’s preferences. Every Seller can adjust, add, remove Delivery information in their Seller’s Profile in the section Settings. Sellers can add several Delivery options for each country, so that they provide express, standard and economy shipping option to the Customers.

Free Shipping
Products with free shipping options are being selected in the section FREE GOODIES. More about Free Shipping option can be read here.

WorldWide Delivery

Every Seller can provide Worldwide Delivery options to the Customers. Sellers can adjust the prices and delivery time details from their Seller Profiles. Sellers can see available prices for international shipment directly from Delivery Companies Profiles. Some of the companies that provide international shipment can be found here.
If you need any assistance, please contact us and we will resolve your issue in the shortest possible time.